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January, 2010
interview 3:00 PM

Abdullah Interviews Shamlan Al-Bahar

Friday is an overall blessing for us all. This friday has an extra blessing/feel to it, one of the society’s sweethearts is gracing the front page of

I met him back in 2007 when we were in an Injaz volunteer program, we met for a very short period, we didnt talk much cuz we were in a meeting and everyone was throwing down what they have in mind into the table, yet, I knew he was a very kind and smart person. Oh and *cough* back off *cough* this one is married *cough* yes ? *snap*

You’v all seen him in each and every news article associated to only the best events and causes out there. Its really simple, you do the math, with over nine years experience in business, five of which in marketing communications, Shamlan is a marketing professional with a solid 360-degree all around marketing experience covering corporate communications, sales-tasked and brand marketing, consumer public relations, alternative and social marketing, and sell-side and buy-side media sales.

What are we talking about ? a genius, a humble genius I may add.

Let me pave way for the interview.

Click away
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December, 2009
AD, Tech 8:04 PM


My friends at Zain previewed these spankin new ADS the other day and lemme just say, those two girls are ADORABLE, they win the “Wasalim” award.

YouTube Preview Image

I love it when the guy says “Ya36eeeik il BBOWER” bower with a B, its very Kuwaiti, no ?

YouTube Preview Image

Alright ladies, hold your weaves, drop your instyle mag, stop eating damn it ! and have a look at this, um hmm, that “Di3la” just left the seat with a button warning, Wonder what he’s do if you did the Naomi walk ? HAH !


Another amazing AD from ZAIN.

(UPDATE) To all you tech freaks out there, here is a nice video from showcasing the installation of the device, Blow your eyes out:

YouTube Preview Image

Here is their REVIEW.

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Extreme Sports
July, 2009
Event 12:01 AM

Zain ikFakhawo !

They are one of Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Sponsors, Oh Lil kim looks hot with CIndy lauper

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2009
People 12:04 AM

People Worth Knowing: Dr. Saad Al-Barrak

A distinguished engineer, Dr Saad Al Barrak has headed up Zain, one of the region’s most powerful telecom companies, since 2002.

Under Al Barrak’s leadership, Zain has flourished, growing from a single-market entity with 600,000 subscribers when he began to a $30 billion multi-national corporation with more than 32 million subscribers and activities in 21 markets today.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Al Barrak has further ambitions for the telecoms giant, aiming to increase its subscriber numbers to 70 million by 2011 making it one of the top ten global operators in the world.

He has also held the positions of chairman of Egyptian software developer IT Soft, chairman of Arab Telecom, and is currently an executive board member of Celtel International.

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April, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM

ZAIN Pocket Express // BlackBerry


All my Blackberry freaks, go to your “DOWNLOADS” folder and click on “Zain Special Edition Pocket Express” icon, Download the damn thing, Size 1 MB, be patient, install it, reboot your device, go step by step with whatever comes your way till you get it done. The service is for the UK. Yet, it has major news outlets and other nice extras, go check it out for FREE.

It works for both Curve & Bold.

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April, 2009
AD 10:59 AM

Zain's Sixth Partners Exhibition

Just got this mail from one of Zain’s reps:


Click on the image for more info.

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April, 2009
Tech 12:04 AM

Jump in: Which One Should I Go For ?


Should I go for Viva ? or Zain ?

Everybody keeps giving me misleading information about these two companies, so im not really sure. Its worth mentioning that im a mac user, so compatibility issues ?



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