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May, 2012
Tech 11:49 AM

Exclusive Hands On Review From ZAIN: Samsung Galaxy SIII

Will post it soon for you guys

Stay tuned boys and girls.


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March, 2012
Entertainment 1:41 PM

*Exclusive* Behind The Scenes: Flashmob

Behind The Scenes:

Original Video:

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Extreme Sports
February, 2012
Kuwait 4:09 PM

From The Heart: Full Official Video

A gift from the heart to each and every Kuwaiti individual – including mum and dad.

Worked so hard, this is for you – I love you !


Download the musical Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2012
Event 6:06 PM


Its not the full video  :nohope

I don’t know who did this but this definitely made my day. LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!


THE PEOPLE WERE ROARING FOR IT – Feedback on twitter is off the hook !

Thank you SARA for sending this in.

Pics from the Avenues Account on twitter:

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August, 2011
Personal 8:41 PM

Experience with ZAIN: 4 Days 4 Problems

Im a zain client. Been so for many years.

In light of improvements, quality of service, quality of products and customer satisfaction, I have four things to share with you that’v happened to me recently.

Zain, my experience with you’s been SHain. I dislike showcasing low points of anything or anyone, however, this is a bit too much.

Please read and bare in mind, that I say this with love.


Went two days ago to pay some bills, buy a product and configure a Wiyana plan.

Got a ticket, number was 305. Looked up at the screens, saw #531, the one next to it was #532.

Got a bit confused, I asked the gentleman at the reception for guidance, here is the conversation:

p0ach: Massak ALLAH bil khair okhoy. Min fathlik, ma3ay # 305 wil shaasha badya min foog el 500. Hal Raqmee ghala6 ? Hal el waraqa ele fe edee 9a7ee7a ?

Receptionist: isteree7 wal7een iyee doorik

p0ach: 6ayib, wain ashoof el raQam? ay shaasha ?

Receptionist: okhoy isteree7 wal7een iyee doorik.

Where do I start ? Attitude, not greeting me back, the fugly energy and presence ?

See I could have given him a bit of fever, but I am p0ach. I don’t get down like that.

Carrying on, the paper/ticket says wait approximately 6 minutes. I waited 10x that period. I waited for an hour. 60 minutes.

Then, I realized the same screen that had these 500+ numbers, alternates !

The receptionist, could have explained that these screens alternate. I would have passed by Starbucks, pink berry or done other things instead of waiting.

Funny thing is, when my time came to sit and actually speak to someone, the staff asked me to WAIT for a while till OTHER clients sit with him since they were on a hurry.

Beautiful. Beyond beautiful.

#2 Internet – 21.6 MBPS

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August, 2011
AD 11:32 AM

p0ach loves THIS *ZAIN*

Zain ? Finally ? THANK YOU – I LOVE IT !

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –


That ?

See that ? that was ..

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May, 2011
AD 2:44 PM

Results: Ramadan’s Most anticipated ADs

p0ach readers decided that the two most anticipated ADs go to:

#1 NBK




My dear ZAIN & NBK, yall better bring it !

- – - – - – - – - – - – -

*Whispers* dear executive, do not freak out before, during or while the ads are being made, I dont want you to go through another “Heartbreak hotel” moment, the staff can’t take it no more. You know who you are, my recommendation ?

I say this with love. HAH!

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