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February, 2012
Motivation 12:05 AM

White Truffles Sunday Morning Post

In a giving mode.

Been busy doing all kinds of stuff from A-Z (literally) – Played MJ’s “Working Day N Night” + kept it on repeat, makes me smile listening to it.

I love what I do. The people I work with and the details they bring forth. Its really beautiful what unity under different mind sets creates.

To be honest reading’s been slow to non existent in the past two weeks due to the above, HOWEVER, the result is RE-WARDING indeed.

What am I trying to say ?

Im not a wizard, still, I know those who love what they do never look at the watch or care what happens + most importantly, never complain.

Speaking of no complains, I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new cook. He does the best White Truffle (7amsa) in town and tastes like DIVINITY. OHHHHHH – I’v been calling it the Soul Pleasing (7amsa) – sure looked good to me AND made me smile.

Took the pain away actually.


I never complained when a DUDETTE was minding and doing the DO in the men’s room.
She just left the room and went “Sorry bas kaan za7ma ihnaak”

**Insert p0ach’s facial expression here**

I looked at the dude next to me and said “she does this always right ?” – *head nod*.

**Insert p0ach’s facial expression here** AA—gain.

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January, 2011
AD 12:03 AM


“Know the two sides of the story”


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Extreme Sports
August, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Betty White – The Dance

YouTube Preview Image

I’v posted this video earlier but I just cant get enough of watching Betty shaking her head, CRAZY !!!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2010
Entertainment 12:05 AM

Choose Your Favorite Villain

You can tell they mean no harm, they just act nasty, I love’em all, but I have a favorite, will share who it is later ;D

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January, 2010
Personal 12:04 AM

Abdullah Likes: Close Up, White NOW

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January, 2010
Culture 12:05 AM

Winter: White Dishdasha

Im observing some corporate boys rocking the white dishdasha.

Whats the deal ? am i missing out on anything ?

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November, 2009
Food 12:03 AM



Both will rock your Taste Buds (Macchiato, Milk Coco with Cream)

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together