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March, 2012
Personal 9:29 PM

p0ach Asks: What are you getting your Mum ?

Add daddies to the list – we don’t want to leave anyone out.

I have no time to think what I want to buy and since I know that mum and dad don’t read my blog, I can easily ask and get answers here, HAH!

Please be generous with your thoughts – thank you in advance !

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November, 2011
Music 1:03 AM

Music: What A Feeling

The song everybody plays on every show.

Kelly is busy.

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Extreme Sports
April, 2011
fun 12:05 AM

Guess: Whats this ?

I know you freaks are curious creatures.


Before you click, think for a bit, what would it be ?

Click here to find out.

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March, 2011
fun 10:58 AM

Boys: Guess what this is ?

Ladies dont answer. Boys only.

I’ll post the answer tomorrow. The answer will be another pic.

KOKO ? i know but its true.

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January, 2011
Money 11:16 AM

What Are you up to ? 1000 KD

Its not because im curious. I actually have a plan and i’ll share it with you.

I’m planning to close down my credit card. Its not a burden or anything, however, what better time to terminate it than now ?

Not a travel season for sure, still, if thats the case, i’ll ask for a prepaid card that’ll definitely do all the jobs I need like Online purchases and travel needs, I dont have to borrow or give back anything to anyone.

No strings attached.

Thats what im doing – Any plans on your side ?

PLUS – that note looks great in my opinion.

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December, 2010
fashion 1:04 PM

What You missed from the F20 Exhibition

I went there and bought some items I loved alot. I bought things for me and for Queen Anmaar too, HAH!

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October, 2010
Express it ! 8:54 AM

What would you say to

Generally speaking, what would you say to

Your boss/teacher/physician or whoever is infront of right you now ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together