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October, 2010
Tech 8:31 AM


Stay Awake – Stay Alert – Something BIG is coming

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August, 2010
Tech 12:05 AM

LAB TEST: Viva’s 4G *Updated*

Was invited last week for a one on one lab test at Viva’s headquarters, topic ? 4G USB internet adapter.

One word, FAST.

Dont believe me, check these stats over here:

We went through most of the heavy websites like NYTimes, Billboard, different companies and stuff. We Even played 1080 HD videos from Youtube, not even a slight delay, a screamer for sure.

VIVA, I want this, how ? HAH!


Check out Buzberry’s review, these guys always do a neat job.

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Extreme Sports
August, 2010
AD 1:48 PM

VIVA: Share your recipe & win

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2010
AD 12:03 AM


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June, 2010
class 12:19 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Since I miss mum, I thought I should share this video with you.

Eyes on the right guy please.

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June, 2010
Tech 11:29 AM

VIVA Celebrates World Cup 2010

World Cup fever is in the air and in preparation for the WC 2010, VIVA Kuwait launched a Playstation football competition. VIVA Kuwait will be setting up a booth at Marina Mall and another one at Avenues. Shoppers will have a unique opportunity to compete against each other remotely using the Playstation version of the World Cup 2010.

These interactive matches will be powered by VIVA Kuwait’s live streaming Internet service. Come and showcase your best Playstation football talent and be eligible to win special prizes.

To celebrate the World Cup season, VIVA Kuwait will also introduce a football shaped USB, with a speed of 7.2Mb, that will be available at all VIVA Kuwait stores soon. However, it will be for a limited time only, so be prepared and get your own football USB before it’s too late.

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May, 2010
rumor 12:10 PM


Recently I was asked about Mobile Number Portability, aka MNP.

A birdy told me that mnp should be available in Kuwait by law but some are still for it not to happen.

So whats an MNP service ?

Basically, what it means is that you can keep your mobile telephone number (and if you’re anything like me you’re probably as emotionally attached to yours as I am to mine) but change from one telecom company without needing to get a new number.

Lemme give you an example:

I may have a Wataniya chip, loving my number, dont want to change it for any reason BUT i love the services I saw/heard of with VIVA/ZAIN so what do i do ?

I keep my number, switch networks and enjoy the services that come with it. HAWT aint it ?

Yeah see that ?? some people are trying to block you from havin some. Umm hmm.

By the way, this advantage/feature is available pretty much everywhere else in the Gulf already.

Anyway, i’ll investigate a lil more and see what I can get you guys.

Oh and for the record ? All the rumor posts I made previously were accurate, just in case your doing your credibility match. *SNAP*

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