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May, 2010
interview 8:30 PM

Abdullah Interviews Reem Al-Nisf (Updated with VIDEO)

I passed by her little booth at the p2bk event with people going insane wanting to shove everything she had to offer in their mouths like crazy. You cant blame them though because she had the cutest little angels going around with trays, small portions of her marvelous creations, not one person was satisfied by only one piece, they had to take two or head straight to her booth, stand in line, if he/she’s lucky, they’ll have a slice of heaven.

Thats how I knew all about Velvet Cup and I loved it ! The creamy frosting, vibrantly red red red cupcake, full of color and energy, you cant help yourself but smile, eat and enjoy the experience.

Today’s guest, Reem Al-Nisf, is the youngest guest on, she’s 17 years young, gorgeous as ever with a killer smile and brains to back it up.

Many locals covered themselves in the “lets criticize everything” segment, so I asked Reem to weigh down her opinion on the whole cupcake phenomenon. She shuts down the nay sayers with the most inspirational answer out there.

Grab on to this short one on one interview with another angel gracing p0ach’s front page and please help me celebrate her beauty, youth, brains and success !

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