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June, 2011
Food 12:05 AM

New Goat & Cow Haloumi Cheese at TSC

Passed by Sultan Centre yesterday for a quick item/grab/escape mission.

Passed by my favorite section, cheese and dairy mess, found a kind indian lady promoting this brand new GOAT cheese haloumi and Labnah too.

GOAT cheese ? WOW !

There’s a testing booth right next to her, she asked me to give it a go, I did – it was amazing!

Miss Cow I love you but your haloumi and labnah were too salty so I skipped you and went with my new suga mama, Miss Goat.

Then again, is it because im a capricorn ? HAH!

KOKO thoughts aside, I loved the packaging. Its very – how do I say it ? – DUETCH/EUROPA/MONTROUEX.

Oui ?


As I was reading some labels in the tea and coffee section, I heard a group of girls passing by me, then a fully figured one passed beside me, I just did a quick look – you know, the regular – right left – look, then went right back to my tea.

I SWEAR she went “ish yabee hatha i6ali3 ?” // Ofcourse I kept my eyes and senses focused on what im doing – ignoring her very existence.


Now listen girlfriend, ask your self three simple questions:

1- Why would I look at you ?

2- Suppose I did, what then ?

3- Why the vulgarity ?

My dear, if you answer and/or know how to read, then, and only then we’ll talk.

Trust me, Im not mean. Its just a reality slap on your neck, no no, not your cheeks, your neck.


You know what you said to your friend/cousin/sister is a lie. (NO i was not sneaking upon you, you were screaming out your personal life in the chocolate/oil/fat and sugar section – Bless those items)

He did what to you ? and you said no ? AAAH !

**Thank you for making me feel normal**


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