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December, 2009
Personal 12:00 AM

p0ach is a Birthday Boy

Its my birthday, im 18 again tonight, 29th December (I’ll put that on my birthday wish list).

I dont usually celebrate my birthday but I guess my friends have something prepared for me, I’ll act as if I know nothing.

Seriously though, its been a wonderful year, made new friends (you included), got a salary raise, still a monogamist (HAH!), went through lots of new experiences, been around the world & learned a big lesson, forgiveness heals all.

Saddam is no better than I am, so im having a three-day birthday celebration too, one with my family, one with friends and one with my underground freaks who are kept there, *whistle* in the underground.

I will have to highlight the lesson I learned one more time:
” Forgiveness Heals All ” it healed me, hope it does the same to you too.

Happy Holidays To You All

“Let There Be Light”

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