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June, 2011
Auto 12:03 AM

Kuwaiti Designer: Environmentally “Green” Car

YouTube Preview Image

I stumbled upon this on Q8REDFLAG. The video is made by one of the website’s owners, A1.

Here is what he had to say:

“I just made this concept recently I might say it resembles the VolksWagon Touareg. Readers I would like to know what do you think?”

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May, 2011
Motivation, People 1:15 AM

Ahmad Al-Romeadheen Sunday Morning Post

Why Ahmad this sunday ?

Read his incredible story below. Its all real and I have lots of photos with it too.

Maybe he’ll inspire you.

*Hint* He’s trying to make something go UP – look at the pic !

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Extreme Sports
July, 2009
interview 2:09 AM

Abdullah Interviews Fahad Al-Nusf



You know, I get so excited everytime I approach people to interview ‘em on my blog. More and more excited when they say YES.

Today I announce another talent to the list of great work you’v been exposed to. Fahad Al-Nusf, a photographer.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2009
People 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Nada Al-Jouan


I admire local talents. I sincerely do. I am very proud of the various aspects, fields, genres and overall perofrmance this country has. Let alone women who have nearly done it all.

As you all know this segment is a spanking new entry that started last week with Maha Al-Omaim and now it continues with another show stopper, the wonderful Nada Al-Jouan’s “Kakao” chocolatier. She is the daughter of former Member of Parliament, Mr.Hamad Al-Jouan & wife of Mr. Osama Al-Furaih, has two kids Othman & Azzam.
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May, 2009
Design 12:04 AM

Design: Bruce Munro's "Field Of Light".

Who am i to judge such talent ? I want to sit with him while he was going through his creative process. WOOHA !

Read on:

Cornwall. Bruce Munro’s iconic ‘Field of Light’ sculpture is installed at the Eden Project (Architect: Sir Nicholas Grimshaw) in Cornwall. The piece can now be seen on the sloping grass roof of the visitors centre, called the Link building, between the famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, and will remain there until Spring 2009. Bruce Munro and five assistants worked over three days to install ‘Field of Light’ at the Eden Project. It is made of 6,000 acrylic stems, through which fibre optic cables run, each crowned with a clear glass sphere. There are 11 external projectors; the stems themselves hold no electric power at all. The installation covers an area of 60 x 20 meters, using 24, 000 meters of fibre optic cable.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together