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September, 2012
Travel 12:05 AM

Mykonos Sunday Morning Post

Its always a life style. When you think of going to a certain destination for a vacation you go ” ok ? so what are we gonna do there ?”

Very happy to report that I had loads of fun – alot to learn – new friends and adventures.

First of all, a big thank you to my friends. You see, I happen to be a day person – I like to wake up early, go to the city, breakfast/coffee/shorts/messy hair/big smile and shades on. Two types of friends – Day People/Night people. I stay with my night  friends till dinner, in Mykonos that would mean 1,00-2,30 am, its an island, thats how they roll. I finish dinner, then walk alone back to the hotel. All I could think of while walking was “wow, how peaceful is this place ? isint it amazing ? – you see flowers all over the streets, everything is simple, beautiful bright stars, the weather is cool, actually it was so cool, you could throw a little jacket on your shoulders – then comes the little cats by the alley.

Had small conversations with random Kuwaiti couples along the way, some had kids – some were in the “just the two of us” phase, really loved their energy. Also, I think I freaked another kuwaiti couple in a dark alley, I saw them – as cute as they can possibly be – trying to take pictures of themselves individually – I thought “hmmm, why dont I voulnteer and take a pic of them both together ?” I did, but I guess I scared them a bit – too dark to be nice I guess. HAH!

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April, 2012
Education 12:04 AM

A Taste of Ted 2012

WOW. Awesome Stuff.

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Extreme Sports
February, 2012
Entertainment 12:05 AM

Deal: K Town Version

Have ya’ll seen this ?



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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2012
accessories 12:02 AM

Orbs by Dana AlNafisi


DANA is offering you “Orbs” a uniquely crafted jewelry collection made specially for every occasion.

Description of the collection:

Yellow Gold & Amethyst

For more information:

+965 9745 7707

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March, 2011
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Classic: KTV

YouTube Preview Image

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March, 2011
Music 10:39 AM

Dubai Concert: Usher & 30 seconds to Mars

Wonderful Sarah went to both concerts and wanted to share some of her pics with you guys !

More on Usher HERE

More on 30 S T M Here

Thank you SARAH !

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February, 2011
Photography 8:25 PM

Beauty amplified: Yousef’s Lens

Another contribution from a dear friend of mine, Yousef.

You may contact him on:

TWITTER or Flickr.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together