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March, 2012
Book 12:18 AM

Bookstores ?

I love how Lisa Stansfield goes ” Been around the world and i i i i … “ cuz I too been around the country and no decent library is to be found.

Probably the only OK spot I like the most is Jarrir – in Hawally.

If we only have one or two libraries (decent condition – variety of books – screw the ministry of ignorance) in K-town, I guess it says something about the public’s mentality.

Wanted to buy a book for a friend as a gift. Its what I do, when I like someone a lot, I buy them a book that made a shift or improvement in me. Could not find a place to go.

Wish there’s a branch of that beautiful gigantic Japanese book store I saw the other day in Dubai mall, Barnes and nobles, Borders, any big library with a nice little seating area. I would stay there all day.

Am I the only one with such concerns ?

On the other hand, I hug and KISS – yes I do that – my iPad and send silent prayers to Steve Jobs for the iBOOKS Store. Blessing, instant, clean and “what do you know” environmentally friendly, no paper print, Green.

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December, 2011
fashion 2:54 AM

Temporary: 4 Store Moved

is a concept store that stocks beautiful avant-garde furniture, intriguing clothing and accessories, artistic books, striking artwork and unique lifestyle items. Known by many as one of Kuwait’s most unique and interesting spaces; we have temporarily relocated, as our original location is being renovated.
We are officially opening our new space starting today, Tuesday Dec 6th. As a proper welcome to our new space, we’re offering up to 30% off selected brands from our Fall 2011 collections for men and women.
Our space is located just ahead of the Tilal Complex tunnel entrance. 

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Extreme Sports
November, 2011
Food, hawt, NEW SPOT 12:45 AM

Exclusive: Slider Station New Branch In OMAN !

Back in March 2009, a post about Burger Boutique grand opening and first ever branch in Oman was made.

Today, I’m very happy and proud to announce that the owners of Burger boutique, Slider Station, Open Flame Kitchen and your new favorite spot, Cocoa room, opened their 2nd branch in Oman. This time its Kuwait’s hawtest joint, Slider Station.

Spies of mine were smooth and zexy enough to get you LOAD AND LOADS of pics just for your cute little eyes only.

click click !!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
October, 2011
Event, People 9:23 AM

Live: NY Apple Store

These are pics that were JUST taken by Dalal, live from New York city.

The love is evident. We love you Steve.

Universal Love.

Original Message

“Hey , Its dalal. Im just using this e-mail cuz I got it set up on my phone. So thats the apple store on 5th avenue, it usually has a glass exterior but now its covered for some reason.”

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August, 2011
Art 1:50 PM

Joy Store: Brought BATMAN to p0ach

Many companies/individuals send gazillion things on weekly basis, I don’t talk about what I don’t like or find repetitive, thats why I don’t show ‘em up here.

BUT THIS ?? This time they got me !

Those on twitter and read between lines here on know how much i’m obsessed with BATMAN.


I just hung it up somewhere special in my room. Really really special.

You can check out the store’s latest collection over here ! 

Check the one that says BAAAM ! – another favorite expression of mine !

“Tis the year of Batman” – Definitely.


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August, 2011

Online Store: Q8Up2Date

Boys, you want this ? you can get it from an online Q8y store.

HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here

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June, 2011
fashion 12:07 AM


“A small brief about CALONGE …it’s a hand braided leather accessories brand named after beautiful city near Palma de Mallorca , its Spanish designed Indian manufactured.”

Calonge store is located in Tala Center ground floor, Salmyia

Tel: +965 65020550
FB link


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