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August, 2012
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Preview: X Factor 2nd Season

September 12th – Are you ready kids ?

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June, 2012
Entertainment 9:07 PM

Cant Wait – True Blood Season 5 !

I can’t wait I can’t wait !!

Wait wait wait, … Lemme just bring my friend YZMA here – she too can’t wait

Look at us playing innocent till Lafayette brings his mess to us

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Extreme Sports
April, 2012
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Season 3 Trailer: Boardwalk Empire



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October, 2011
Auto 12:01 AM

Amazing: Top Gear UK

I’v always seen small clips here and there from the show.

Hands down the best AUTO show ever.

Sadly, the video up there is only a small clip. Could not find the whole thing for you guys.

I love brits, they take their shows seriously.

Brits are ORIGINAL.

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May, 2011
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Now Watching: School Rumble Season 1

Ahh the innocence !

I guess thats why I run to anime cartoons. You may not know this but I dont read local newspapers (toxic).

Bringing everything I like around me is the best thing I’v ever done.

Enough of what I do and dont, watch this trailer.

YouTube Preview Image

I laugh like a maniac – the dude, Harima, is a total douche.

I’ll leave local news and so called “important” bits and pieces to you. Take it all, inhale it, make a grumpy face and say hello to the world. HAH!

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August, 2010
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Now Watching: True Blood 1st Season

No im not late, i have a TV show marathon, this baby bumped into me with low excpectations from my side but surprise surprise, im fangs fan now. YAY ME!

Why do I love this series so far ?

- Its not a horror packed mess, its a bit jumpy but full of hard core lessons.

- The main character is not “hollywood” beautiful which gives her an all around appeal.

- Lafayette, Tara and her mum? lawwd have mercy, if I didn’t see that nasty edge on the show I WOULD NOT HAVE WATCHED IT, funny as hell !

Lots of favorite quotes throughout the show, my favorite is Tara’s “Im un-boy-friend-able” never heard it like that before, loved it instantly.

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August, 2010
fun 3:01 PM


YouTube Preview Image

Always a favorite of ours AZIZ, WE LOVE YOU TREMENDOUSLY.

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