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January, 2012
Entertainment 12:03 AM


Saw this, quickly reminded me of TRUE BLOOD. AAAAAAAH ! I miss it.

Which one of those is your favorite ? – I’d probably be friends with the silent one, creepy brotha. Would hang out with The mom, probably has lots of beautiful mess to share.

I want more Lafayette scenes, he cracks me up. Nasty stuff he says, really really funny.


Ohh that temper. Love the accent.

Lafayette reminds me of someone I know ever since I was a child.

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November, 2011
Kuwait, News 12:49 AM

Latest Political Scene

A lot of things going on in town.

Do I care ? Not really.

Old sony headphones got a bit of malfunction mess, right channel stopped working, then I realized something.

Both ears are functioning wonderfully, the rest of my body does too. I thank the lord almighty for his infinite gifts.

State of gratitude, being thankful for everything I’m blessed with is all I care for. Anything else comes and goes.

If you care for the P in pollution out there, just know that “This Too Shall Pass”.


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Extreme Sports
February, 2010
hawt 12:04 AM

Soccer Scene Brings the HEAT

Well you dont have to believe me, this spot is HAWT, just look at the crowd.

Check out Buzberry’s blog for some nice info and amazing photography.

Boys, soccer fans, this spot is located in the avenues, phase 2, first floor, opposite to Napket.

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