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January, 2013
Uncategorized 10:25 PM

Review: Ten Spa

Hey you guys, its been a while since i posted anything up on here. I hope 7amad and Fayona are keeping you entertained on the latest news and events from here and there. They’v been doing a great job since October *applause*

yes yes, I missed you and all that crap.

See, I’v been wanting to share an experience  at TEN SPA which I had a month back but never had the time to actually sit down and pour all the mess out of my system. I wanted to know why the hype was KOKO, I wanted to know how it looked like and stuff.

I just wanted to try it to shove a “YES I DID TRY TEN” on my friends faces so they wont nag.


Lets push that a side and see if Ten was a 10.

Well, here goes ..

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October, 2012
Auto 9:47 AM

Video Review: New Range Rover

Huge fan of the car but the dude, a bore.

Bring out the other guy from your team, he’s 10x more energetic, definitely more fun & entertaining.

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Extreme Sports
October, 2012
Travel 11:19 AM

Trip to Bangkok

Tired but I though i’d share our mini trip in pictures and little captions under’em – cute ? no ? – doing it anyway, HAH!

Lets just shove the passport up your mugs then go ahead.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
October, 2012

Review: Men Time Spa

Yesterday I went to get a massage at MENTIME, one of Kuwait’s Best Traditional Spas. The thing that makes MENTIME so much more different is that they really focus on the Holistic side of their rituals.

As I headed up to the last floor in Al Mohalab Mall I was kindly greeted by the man sitting at the reception. I had booked a Balinese Massage and was ready to un-wind after a long and stressful day. I sat at the reception area admiring the ambiance that the space had provided while I quietly sipped on my green tea. The atmosphere slowly started getting me into a Relaxing and Calm mood, preparing me for an hour of Bliss.

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August, 2012
Food 4:38 PM

Tasty: Jusho


Friends are the root of all evil, I know my friend Sulaiman is. I call him the Nagger cuz he NAGS. “Lets try Jusho lets try Jusho Lets try JUSHO !” Ofcourse looking at his innocent face makes you say nothing but “why not ?”

The joint is placed at 52 degrees, next to chowy gowy and Vinny’s.

Dont get me wrong but for some reason im not a big fan of the whole atmosphere over at 52, not my cup of tea, lets just say that. Was even hesitant to try Jusho, wasn’t excited really.

All of that changed the moment we got to our table.

Hygiene, overall cleanliness and those little details on the table grabbed my attention instantly.

Lucky for me – Slaiman, the nagger *hah ! oh I cant wait to see your face when you read this* – knows what to order, he happens to know the owner I believe – so he hooked me up.

Had rules though, I always have with Japanese food. Two things really:

- No sea sick smell. *Zifar*

- No Sea weed.

Most of you would go “what do you mean no sea weed ? how do you get your freak on without sea weed?” – All I can say is “With food, it has be  done my way or im not eating it”. so shush it.

*** Surprise Surprise ***

I got exactly what I was looking for and even better than I expected – all the dishes i’ll highlight now are Sea weed + Zifar free – just the way I like it – here goes:

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August, 2012
Auto 5:27 PM

Review: Toyota 2013 Land Cruiser

Thats a nice review, maybe i’ll find more here and there.

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July, 2012
Auto 12:36 AM

Arabic Review: Range Rover Evoque

If you dive into his tone – the narrator – you might fall asleep.

I’d give this a nice thumbs up for effort.

At least we have an arabic review now.


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together