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September, 2012
Animals 12:02 AM

Need Help: KoKo Dilemma

I stole this pic from 4thringroad.

Everytime I get in our house, leave, come back again, travel the world, go to chalet, to the gym, hang out with friends – I have to pass by our kitchen on the ground floor.

Koko, our little bird buddy is always there in the cage. Looking at me, making sounds, sometimes strange, sometimes sane, regardless, he wants me to play with him, so I do. A couple of seconds, a minute or two maybe ? then POOF, I leave again.

He stays in the cage.


Thats his state for more than a year now. Always in the cage.


It kills me to see KOKO in that state.

I thought “Why don’t I free KoKo ?”  a striking question came right back at me “Will he survive ?”

Tried contacting people who take care of animals, did not recieve an answer that feels good. Thats me being nice here.

Im not sensitive, its just that Koko is a being with a soul and I just feel like there are other ways to take care of an animal. Anything but a cage.

A goldfish is blessed, has a short memory span, it can survive a tank and stuff, right ? WRONG, look !

What Should I do ?

I need a solution.

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July, 2012
AD 10:11 AM

NEW: Red Mango Ramadan AD Part 1

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Extreme Sports
April, 2012
Event 12:03 AM

Event: Red Bull Street Style

Red Bull Street Style is the world’s most important freestyle soccer tournament. In 2012 the third edition of the worldwide competition takes place. The best freestyle footballers will be showing off their extraordinary skills in a series of qualifying competitions around Kuwait. The goal is to win berths to the 2012 Red Bull Street Style World Final in Italy. The very best competitors from Kuwait will try to impress the jury by showing off stunning tricks on the 20th of April at the Marina Crescent at 6:30pm.



Red Bull Street Style is taking place for the 3rd time in Kuwait. Five qualifiers will take place in Kuwait. Al Kout Mall will host the first qualifier on April 6 while GOAL pitches in Salmiya, Al Jahra, Arabian Gulf Street and Al Shaab Park respectively will host the rest of the qualifiers between the 15th and the 18th of April. 16 players will be chosen to play for the final in Kuwait. For registration call 66406020.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2012
Uncategorized 5:11 AM

#Red (Taken with instagram)

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October, 2011
Express it ! 12:05 AM

Vote: Green Or Red ?

Which one do you usually go for Green or red straw?

Curious, thats all. Been getting different kinds of feedback lately.

If you feel that voting is not enough, try to leave a comment stating why you chose a company over another.

Keep it light people.


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July, 2011
environment 12:04 AM

Save Water by Q8RedFlag

Some people put p0ach to shame when it comes to BEING GREEN.

Q8RedFlag shines with his bright/clean creative mind – always.

If you guys are interested in saving water just click below

HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here HERE here

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January, 2011
AD 12:03 AM


“Know the two sides of the story”


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together