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May, 2011
class 12:02 AM

Class: Cute(est) Couple

I was between these two reactions . . .



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April, 2010
Culture 5:48 PM

Impress Me


If somebody threw this line at your mug, what would you do/say ?

“Make your own scenario – Lets examine your creative minds”

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Extreme Sports
April, 2010
class 10:13 AM

Class: The Look

YouTube Preview Image

Rabab, Im not familiar with your music but your reaction is worth GOLD.

Hind wanted to call for help after her statement, examine her facial expression after what she said. Rabab, definitely gave her “Ohh if I could lay my hands on you, you little rat” look.

This video is flawless.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2009
phenomenon 12:06 AM

Phenomenon: Role Play

Nature is what inspires me the most. Im at peace almost always when my eyes are set on natural/animal/plants/creatures/behavior documentaries.

What I have seen as a common element was that there is no “role play” what so ever. Everything came to its ROLE flawlessly, clouds, rain, grass, sunlight, air, breeze, moon, sea, and sand.

I do not see this chemical reaction with humans nowadays. I sense the tension/fear/jealousy/uncertinty/ and ofcourse, judgement.

This is part of a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is in my view, beyond beautiful and is socially respected & known, 15 years older than me, body perfectionist, she said I dont feel ok, We women have hormones that you cant even begin to comprehend, we go through phases, periods, heart aches and much drama, oh and im not talking men, I got mine, Im talking about a bag

” People expect alot from me. I have to be sharp, on point, elegant, neat and focused always”

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June, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Visual Pain: Zachary Quinto

Flipping 3d “MATRIX” effect !

Just incase you didnt know who that is, he’s the guy who had this reaction when Bruno and Eminem had their lovely public love affair on MTV

oh and i posted it for you to be as dizzy as I am :P

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May, 2009
Friends 12:05 AM

Summer Babe: Shark (UPDATED)


My lovely friend, is the L in LOCO and C in crazy. I call him RAMBOO Jr, why ? because his even lovlier father told him that if he ever sees a small-med sized shark he should jump in & swim with’em cuz they wouldent bite ??

They wouldent bite ?? ohh shut UP ! what do you mean they WOULD NOT  bite ?? THEY KILL !! Oh and just so you know, WOULD, means that there is a possibility! get that ?? kapeesh ??

Anyway this friend (yes i know your reading with a SMIRK) is a piece of stupidity. We saw a freakin shark and he said “if I jump what would you do ?”

i was like ” you’d do what ?? well go on then, yalla  jump and i’ll have your kids if you do that ! so yeah baby, go go ,, go jump , its all good ”

THE FREAK ACTUALLY JUMPED IN !! why ?? why would you do that !?!?! Ofcourse nothing happened and the small shark swam away.

He came back up with the biggest smile/joy in the world, and he simply said ” that felt great !! I feel like a million bucks ! ” he then drank his KDD orange juice & minded his business.

It turns out his father *cough* freak *cough* RAMBOO *cough* FREAAAK told him ( sharks here are harmless, in other words  ” yarayeernaa khaKar “)

I love your dad. slap him for me hmm ??

Anyway this was my reaction.


LOOOL no no no, I just had to write that down to just pop this gif up, its funny, but honestly that was my reaction when I saw the ALIEN.

(UPDATE) speaking of crazies, my friend S, wanted to share his part of craziness with you. That right there is a big shark !


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together