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April, 2011
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Otaibi

One of the main reasons why I love doing what I do is the fact that I get exposed to people from all walks of life.

The graceful and highly talented Ms.Dana Al-Otaibi is a breath of fresh air. Sits on the throne of PINK COFFEE marketing and PR company as a partner and operational manager, only 23 years young.

I met her twice, I remember one day when I went to their head office she held the iPad (back when it first came out) and was so proud of it, she and Shamlan gave me a semi-walk through on the intricate and different levels of sophistication the iPad had. I remember how nice and kind she was to me. She even gave me the iPad to try which pissed Shamlan off, HAH! I love them both, dearly.

Honestly though, for DANA to be involved in programs like The Proteges, Mtubtub and everything else PINK COFFEE does is a form of beauty. Why do I say that ? Because I sincerely believe that camps that raise awareness, entrepreneurship, health, well being and a BIG chunk of value back to the country do not succeed unless people running it are Philanthropists. To me, thats the highest form of beauty ever in existence. Then again you’ll explore her different talents as you read on. Not to mention she owns sole copyrights to a smile that heals all.

I hope her presence here will help nagging men and women who doubt our youth, stating through sharp, cutting edge facts, that those who can help, inspire, be there and uplift us with their energy, physically EXIST. Miss Knowles was never wrong with her latest effort “Girls Who Run The World” Women and young ladies like Dana are definitely a main inspiration.

I love the direction of Pink Coffee and will always be one of the main supporters if they allow me. One look at that mashed up piece of art you have up there says everything.

Dana is part of this creation.

Get to know her more …

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February, 2011
Kuwait 1:19 AM

Leaked: The Proteges

YouTube Preview Image

LOVED THE ENERGY. You are beautiful Shamlan, your soul, beautiful.

Thank you for bringing a new fresh mix in the scene. You know what im talking about.

Thank you Mounira.

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Extreme Sports
June, 2010
Event 12:50 AM


The kind and wonderful Dana sent me this article and these pics to share with you guys the latest stuff happening on the highly anticipated, well thought out and organized campaign, THE PROTEGES, check it out:

“It was a Saturday, a very hot and dusty Saturday. We drove down to GUST to witness a special event. We were invited to attend the first day of the exclusive Protégés program, a summer non-profit program lasting for 6- weeks where participants will learn a new skill everyday from the multitalented mentors. As we entered the room, we saw smiley faces of friendly mentors that greeted students as they walked in and took their seats. The students dressed nicely and were all wearing huge smiles on their faces. The enthusiasm of these 30 people filled the 500 seat theatre with positive energy.

The program started by the mentors introducing themselves in respect to their achievements and experience. We expected the students to do the same; however, this was not the cliché ‘talk about yourself for one minute’ program. Instead, they played social learning games, ones where they would be familiar with each other without the typical formalities. This way the students learned interesting information about one another in a fun comfortable manner. It was amazing how these students clicked with each other almost like they were friends before they got into the program.

The day was very well organized thanks to Pink Coffee Marketing & PR, the sole founder of this non-profit program


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