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May, 2012
Event 12:04 AM

Sign Your Kids Up: ArchiChamp


Click on the pic for a bigger picture.

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January, 2012
News, People 12:04 AM

Help: I.T programmer Needed

Hey you guys, know any good I.T programmer – Mainly web design ?

If so, drop your info in the comments below or send them to me in the contact section and i’ll let the right people contact you.


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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
Tech 12:05 AM

p0ach: An Apple Developer

I just enrolled in apple’s developer program.

Bit scary to go through all the files and resources out there. Still, feels like a freak. What I am exactly. *ahem*

Here are some of the features I can’t wait to try on the new iOS 5 before most of you guys, HAHA!

New Apple messaging services. BBM/Whats app killer – finally.

Thank you Yousef for the tips !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2010
Event 12:50 AM


The kind and wonderful Dana sent me this article and these pics to share with you guys the latest stuff happening on the highly anticipated, well thought out and organized campaign, THE PROTEGES, check it out:

“It was a Saturday, a very hot and dusty Saturday. We drove down to GUST to witness a special event. We were invited to attend the first day of the exclusive Protégés program, a summer non-profit program lasting for 6- weeks where participants will learn a new skill everyday from the multitalented mentors. As we entered the room, we saw smiley faces of friendly mentors that greeted students as they walked in and took their seats. The students dressed nicely and were all wearing huge smiles on their faces. The enthusiasm of these 30 people filled the 500 seat theatre with positive energy.

The program started by the mentors introducing themselves in respect to their achievements and experience. We expected the students to do the same; however, this was not the cliché ‘talk about yourself for one minute’ program. Instead, they played social learning games, ones where they would be familiar with each other without the typical formalities. This way the students learned interesting information about one another in a fun comfortable manner. It was amazing how these students clicked with each other almost like they were friends before they got into the program.

The day was very well organized thanks to Pink Coffee Marketing & PR, the sole founder of this non-profit program


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April, 2010
Event 12:02 AM

HAWT & EXCLUSIVE: The Protégés

Bless this day and all the energy, love, beauty and light that came with it.

Ladies & gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you the wonderful mentors that will enlighten the youth of this country with most of what they have learned and achieved throughout their successful journeys.

Exclusive behind the scene footage, program details and full names of the mentors you see up above are included, given generously by the wonderful team.

Before you click ahead and go through the details, I just want to say to the mentors that I have never seen such wonderful gathering of beautiful talents and people. There is never a better time for me to bring in my blog’s slogan other than now “Let There Be Light” bless you all & I demand to have a special spotlight for each and everyone of you in my interviews section, its mandatory.

Readers, EXPLORE !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together