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November, 2011
Book 2:36 AM

Finished Reading: Power VS Force

I made a post about THIS book earlier.

Just finished, literally, just finished reading it. My life, future vision and current mind set can not stay the same, ever.

Can not tell you how and where it will hit you, but if you are ready to read it, please do.

Im already grateful that the source of all energy allowed me to have the time and right circumstances to read it.


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July, 2011
class 12:01 AM

Class: We Love Salwa – Solar Power

My girl Salwa here, wants to showcase how we mere humans can benefit from solar power.

Love the shaking cam, echo in the room and lack of information on where to buy the mess she be talkin bout.

We love you Salwa !

p.s: Future son, Khalid Ibn AlWaleed’s toys – seen on the far right angle of the video are DE-FINITE-LY a nice touch. Adore.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2011
Wisdom 12:00 AM

Be Wise, Read: Eckhart Tolle

“See if you can catch yourself complaining in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
Event 12:03 AM

NUKS: Long Beach California

I see you, I see you Nuks :P You log in to p0ach at  3, 4, 5, am, bringing the heat all the way from Cali, Miami, Newyork, Chicago, Boston, Nevada and atlanta, I see you and thank you for dropping by.

On thanksgiving, there will be a big event, conference in California, I wish everybody over there would join in, hop on the train/plane and be part of the cause/get together.

check them out HERE.

p.s: Hawt Zexy ppl of Cali and Miami, tell me this, do you dip in the sea still ? get wet and soaked while I eat/bite the dust ? * snap *

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September, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Hind Al-Nahedh


I met her long time ago in an event, we never knew eachother, yet she was helpful as a sister would be. I think I did not know how to configure my, then new, Nokia E61, so she grabbed it fixed it and gave it to me almost robotically. I knew she was special.

A while back I was in her office and literally, we were in the heavens of kuwait, I was semi 20 floors above the ground, with a breathtaking view on the sea side, Kuwait’s Scientific Centre, people were dots from where I was, cool breezy atmosphere with the sun splashing my face with all kinds of lovely vibrations. We talked, we went through many topics almost like a breeze, I guess its her semi angelic/practical/Kuwaiti halo that made a full hour pass by like 1 minute.

Being head of the PR department over at Viva, Abdullah’s latest AD, the new USB 21.6 Internet service and the rest of the magnificent things that surely Viva CAN do means one thing and one thing only, Hind is the “Woman of The Hour”, she is back on the hot seat, nothing new to her I assure you, but you know what ? as always, enough of me talking, let her give you a glimpse of who she is and the exclusive PR write up on the new USB device that you’ll get your impatient hands on.
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August, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM

Review: Canon sx200 IS

I got this babe for a sweet 137 KD from Al-Ghanim Electronics.

Pros: Light, small, 12.1 MP, 12 x zoom, HD video, excellent battery life, stich “panoramic” feature, Still HD pics.

Cons: A bit bulky on the sides, flash pops up wether you’ll use it or not, no protective bag included, when using the stich feature, you must process the pic to the software that comes with it. UN-Sweet.
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June, 2009
Wisdom 12:03 AM

Be Wise, Read: Eckhart Tolle


Eckhart on Love/Hate relationship. I choose the excerpts I like honestly so here goes:


” I am speaking here of what is commonly called romantic relationships – not of true love, which has no opposite because it arises from beyond the mind. Love as a continuous state is as yet very rare as rare as conscious human beings. Brief and elusive glimpses of love, however, are possible whenever there is a gap in the stream of mind.

The negative side of a relationship is, of course, more easily recognizable as dysfunctional than the positive one. And it is also easier to recognize the source of negativity in your partner than to see it in yourself. It can manifest in many forms: possessiveness, jealousy, control, withdrawal and unspoken resentment, the need to be right, insensitivity and self-absorption, emotional demands and manipulation, the urge to argue, criticize, judge, blame, or attack, anger, unconscious revenge for past pain inflicted by a parent, rage and physical violence.

On the positive side, you are “in love” with your partner. This is at first a deeply satisfying state. You feel intensely alive. Your existence has suddenly become meaningful because someone needs you, wants you, and makes you feel special, and you do the same for him or her. When you are together, you feel whole.

The feeling can become so intense that the rest of the world fades into insignificance.

However, you may also have noticed that there is a neediness and a clinging quality to that intensity. You become addicted to the other person. He or she acts on you like a drug. You are on a high when the drug is available, but even the possibility or the thought that he or she might no longer be there for you can lead to jealousy, possessiveness, attempts at manipulation through emotional blackmail, blaming and accusing – fear of loss. If the other person does leave you, this can give rise to the most intense hostility or the most profound grief and despair.

In an instant, loving tenderness can turn into a savage attack or dreadful grief. Where is the love now? Can love change into its opposite in an instant? Was it love in the first place, or just an addictive grasping and clinging? ”

The Power of NOW, Chapter 8, P.123.

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