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June, 2011
Fact 8:00 AM

p0ach readers love these posts

For some reason, lovely readers cant get enough of these posts, according to the numbers i’m receiving (Behind the scenes):

#1 Exclusive Review: The Cocoa Room Breakfast.

#2 Abdullah Interviews Dana Mado.

#3 New AD: KDD Blitz Ice Cream“المارد البارد”

I appreciate the love – Thank you !

Please - “Dont Stop Till You Get Enough”

YouTube Preview Image

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April, 2011
Friends 1:08 AM

Appreciation Post: Z District

I call it an appreciation post because its utterly how I felt.

I’ll keep it short and simple.

Marzoug, im a daily reader and I must say that im impressed by how Original and true to yourself each and every post is/was/and im sure will always be.

Thank you for being a huge inspiration.

Im a fan !

Check it out HERE

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Extreme Sports
April, 2010
Kuwait 12:00 AM

Readers Went NUTS Over These Posts

Here is a list of posts YOU made HAWT:

Review: Wataniya Airways
Small Request
Try This: Mind Your Business
Mercedes Benz: Trouble In Paradise
Phenomenon: Room Diet/Let Go
p0ach’s Queen
Iman Celebrate Barca
Religion/Ideology: Your 2 Cents
Aisha Brings The Heat

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2010
web 12:04 AM

Readers Went Crazy Over These Posts

You know, I see what your tiny hands, if any, click on, hmm ? Are we snapping ? No.

Here is a list of posts YOU made HAWT:

- Talk To Me.
- Abdullah Interviews Abdullah Al-Mudhaf & Yousef Al-Fadalah.
- Review: The Address Hotel.
- Rumor: Name Calling.
- Meet Brownie. Sold by the way, HAH!
- Language Malfunction. بالذمة
- P0ach proposes to ilsul6ana.

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February, 2010
hawt 12:00 AM

Readers Cant Let Go Of These Posts

You made these posts blazing HAWT and I cant blame you.

Abdullah interviews Rawan Al-Nafisi

Abdullah interviews Abdulwahab Al-Faris

Review: Melenzane

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May, 2009
Friends 12:05 AM

Abdullah Likes: These Posts (April Edition)


This is an appreciation post for those who find interesting stuff to enlighten, entertain or just give back to us, the community. Here they are alphabetically:


- Aramex’s New Faster Service.
- Wanna Go Green ? HERE.
- Animal Lover ? Well here is a story for you.


- Feeling heroic ? Wanna taste how it feels to be like Batman ? Very well, click HERE.
- I dont know how they captured these scenes, breathtaking & are the new definition of “ya 7alat il roo7″
- Excellent Finding, Google Map services. HERE.


- Singapore Airline ? A380.
- Karma is a What ? click HERE.


- The next PSP, AMAZING design, check it out HERE.
- Culture clash? educate yourself. HERE.
- Frankom’s Personal questions, enlightened us. HERE.


- Mango this summer. Here.
- Have a glimpse on what Lifebook 09 is. HERE.
- Heard of Thinspire ? check it out HERE.
- Something I predicted Long LONG long LONG time ago. HERE.
- I quote il Sul6ana ” Weh weh weeeh “.


- Interested in classic music ? Click Here.
- 09 Movie Bible.
- Fahad’s Choco method. It got me yeerning :P

You guys inspire me so keep it coming & “YOUR ADVICES MEAN THE WORLD TO ME”THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

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April, 2009
Entertainment 12:02 AM

How Many Posts Do You Want ?

You Decide.

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