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February, 2012
class, politics 1:52 PM

Copy-Cat: Khalid Revamped


Copy Cat

WOW ! I love this !

Great job – Great Job !!

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January, 2012
politics 3:53 PM


The question is, WHO ?


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Extreme Sports
January, 2012
politics 12:03 AM

Finally, Male Salwa

مرشح الهنود الحمر وليد الناصر الدائرة الثالثة

I love you WALEED ;**

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
December, 2011
Kuwait, politics 12:50 AM

Will you vote ?

For the next parliament ?

Lets have a quick flashback

Beautiful, I feel like we be hittin tokyo greatness soon, AWWWWW !! Cant wait !


Well, will you vote ?

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December, 2010
politics 11:45 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Thank you @AseelAlawadhi , you are the only person who translated SOME of what I have in mind.

You have shown and given all the respect in the world for our beloved Amir, still, highlighting all the missing elements in one shot.

Bravo !

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April, 2010
politics 9:30 AM

Political Gurus, Jump In

محمد الجويهل

Can you guys tell me whats this man’s deal ? Politically, im clueless, your 2 cents are appreciated.

I have seen lots of media attention surrounding him plus the boys at work are talking about him 24/7

As much as I would love to read your comments, I’d highly appreciate it if ya’ll kept it classy, *snap*

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April, 2010
News 8:15 AM

Name Calling: Proof

It seems my birdy was right after all.

You see, a few days a go my little birdy tweeted some rumors to me here. Then I posted about it yesterday. But oh my, birdy ? your stuff is on Al-Watan’s front page too ? Your reliable for sure but no seeds/worms/dates till I pay my bills, HAH!

Seriously though, how did my birdy predict the future ? or was it planned all along ? *gasp*

Birdy = KaaaFiKH !

I love you, you dog parliament member you, I love you. Still, your too loud baby. Or are you ? I heard that a highly respectable group of women were there too, they made statements like this ” Is this normal here ?” referring to your loud barking skills. Doggy ?? what did we say about that ? Bad dog, Bad bad dog.

Sit baba sit !

*/me Acting all stupid, murmuring “you know I know nothing about politics or could not care less about it, its a point to be proven thats all – mixed with all kinds of food dog mess” HAH!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together