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May, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulrahman Al-Nouri & Al-Qattan

Some boys kept sending me emails complaining that I dont have male guests on no more, I beg to differ ofcourse but I wont get into further details, I , my dear darling earthling beings, brought you not one Abdulrahman, but two, two Abdulrahman’s, two of the brightest men out there in one interview, so no more talking/complaining, yes ? Talk about sexist, eh ? Ladies you better fire back, boys are jealous. I can confirm that for sure.

Allow me to just say that in my humble opinion, today is the ultimate Kuwaiti web platform to promote local talents, new business establishments and everything energetic, full of life, hawt, new, fresh and hits right back at us, right back to Kuwait.

Im so proud of today’s guests Abdulrahman Al-Nouri & Abdulrahman Al-Qattan for their wonderful groundbreaking ideas packed and managed in a smartly put together plan. Cubical Services.

What is the concept behind Cubical Services you ask ?

Two scenarios:

A: You have an idea, would like to establish your own business BUT you dont know what to do ? who to contact, where to go, who to trust, how much, value, expensive, cheap correct wrong, yes ?

B: You have a business, probably home based, you’d like to grow and rent/build/create your own shop but dont have the know-how’s ?


In short, Thats what they do. They lead you through their intensely complicated systems/intense research to the easiest most useful time managed plans thats out there today. All you have to do is choose what works with you.

Not only that, you get to have your own office, meeting room, your personal account manager, your assistant, all combined with todays latest technological advancements at the palm of your hands, you also get people from this country as vibrant and as fresh as you are helping you do everything you want, your way.

The other day I went to their office, had a nice chat with them, they probably thought im KOKO in the brain cuz I was exhausted and I said the nastiest things imaginable, HAH! Seriously though, the guys are just wonderful, know what they are doing, down to earth and extremely easy to deal with.

I wish I could end this interview and talk all about their services myself but I know you’d shove a cheese sandwich in my mouth to shut me up. That being said, lemme give you the boys and let them do the talking.

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April, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

Small Request

I thought that my blog’s name was easy for yall to digest I didnt know that many call me PAWCH.

Lemme give you more examples to clarify how I hear my name pronounced from many people :

Couch, pouch, BOOM BOOM POW, House, foul, Ouch.

Lemme give you examples that shows you a better idea on how to prononuce it:

Coach, oat, boat, note, coat. Arabic words like: Khoosh, 7oosh, soot, faat il foot HAH!

Me and mike are waiting for the response from those who mis-pronounce my name, LAWWD, this should be fun !

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
Event 12:01 AM

p0ach booth rocked 20,000+ Viewers !

I would like to express how happy and excited I am that the “Live Video Broadcast” project exceeded my expectations. P2BK event was crrrraaaaazzzzzzyyyyy !

In a total of 10 Hours from 3 different days we reached more than 20,000 viewers on 3 different channels just to sum everything up and not cross rules and policies.

Anyway, I have to thank each and everyone who helped, participated, showed love and supported the project.

The fans who passed by, those who said HI, those who talked about me thinking i didnt hear’em (its cute), some brought banners which I saved, some greeted me & many many many more who brought nothing but joy.

- A big thank you to the star of the video event, Mr.Abdullah Al-Bannai. Who’s featured in the pic above, working his way with the ladies infront of the cam, LAWWWD HAVE mercy, we laughed like there’s no tomorrow, will never forget these moments !

- Another Big big thank you to Suliman from 4thringroad for having my back and being there throughout the event, you rock ! Big time !

- A Big thank you to Dhari & Noor Al-Wazzan for giving me a booth, centre stage, you rock !

- A big thank you to VIVA & Circus BC for having my back, I feel safe, thank you !

What can I say, I only hang out with the best so hate me hater, still love you though.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

Review: LOFat Diet Centre

200 Calories for this creamy top, crunchy bottom, soft on the mouth strawberry cheese cake is nothing. The feeling it gives you screams priceless. Literally.

It all started when my lil sister recommended LOFat for me the other day. I contacted the nice people over there (and managed to have them as my sponsors, smart aint i ? HAH) explained to them that after I finished my nasal surgery, I needed something to stablize my weight cuz iv been doing nothing but staying in bed, eating and the cycle goes on and on.

I went to their trendy place/office infront of Nino’s sea side restaurant. I didnt expect to see all that minimal design excellence in it. Its very cozy and the people were very friendly, specially the Kuwaiti lady in the front desk, a dime.

I went to the dietition, a really elegant lebanese lady, extremely friendly and huggable. I explained that I wanted my 5 Kilos back – lighter that is – (HAH!), then maybe some more – we sat, talked, made measurments, went through ups and downs, and finally came up with the a food plan. A lunch plan to be specific. Cuz that works well for me, my crazy schedule.

Ofcourse they have all kinds of meal plans for yall, all you have to do is ask. Very flexable and easy to deal with the peeps over there, they know us, they know our lifestyle so its not that hard for them to “GET” why we are insanely obsessed with time, some of us are, umm, I am ? LOL

Yeah, that being said, the nice lady was asking me what kind of food I like, dislike so they can make something exquisitely beautiful all put together. I mentioned the only thing I didnt like, its only one thing and im not sharing what it is. Then I gave her full freedom to make my food nutritionally beneficial as possible.

I really didnt want to know what my food is, I wanted that surprise element when I reach home, i thought it would feel great to be served something new everyday, and boy oh boy lemme tell you, I WAS SOOOO RIGHT !

One day, I would have this

or rice, pasta, chicken, fish, new vegetables (to me at least – that taste great) always with Salad and sweets. All under 1200 calories. I loved it.

The most important thing to me was how they made me love fish. Fish is not a dish I would order anywhere in the world unless im home. I explained how I did not want to smell “Zifar” see bones or taste anything unusual. She promised me that none of that would happen, I was skeptical, said OK regardless.

When the fish arrived right on my plate I was in BLISS mode. 1st, there were no bones to be seen. No fish smell at all/zifar, and the taste was right on point SUPERB ! Usually I share my dishes with my bro who passes by with the dreaded ” shino hatha ?” I prepared my hands for an on top of the wrist quick slap, HAH! no one is touching my fish, thats mine.

Another important thing to me was not thinking of food at all. I just come home, everything is ready, my brain was always inquisitive of whats infront of it, me, my brain and senses loved what we had, everytime something new either to my eyes, my taste buds or overall sensation, its a joy and after each and every meal I always felt light, very light and well put together just like this

Since yall are looking for your hot buds to show up/show out and show off, you know you need to get that brain and belly whipped and into shape.

The guys at LOFat wanted you to know that they also have a segment called Lofat Juniors, since people aren’t really aware that there is a diet center just for kids and that they currently have a great offer going on.

Stop self loathing, shame and unnecessary drama, save your time, yourself and youth, get it together, and BECOME something else, they can help you but only YOU can make the change by taking the 1st STEP.


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December, 2009
Food, hawt 12:05 AM

HAWT: Life With Cacao

The kind people over at “Life With Cacao” made a cosy gathering for bloggers under the name “Blogger’s Night”. Located next to Lorenzo at 360 Mall. before I say anything, I want to express how happy/proud I am of this joint, its a pure Kuwaiti creation, not a chain, A KUWAITI CREATION. I am beyond happy and thrilled.

I loved how the place was in a “still under construction” mode, wood walls covering the whole place with a big vintage lock by the door, I didnt know what to do, should I knock ? or should I just jump right in, being the vulgar/bold me, I decided to jump right in, immediately got greeted by the nice people who’r working there, the owner was beyond sweet and amazing, a gentleman for sure.

So here I am in a semi secluded place, it felt exclusive, you know ? Being catered to, that was nice, it felt special. Oh and speaking of special, LAWWD have mercy on me, my soul and my body, this joint screams “Switzerland/France” on so many levels, look, the place is boldly laid out with strong colors like Gold and Purple with multiple seating zones and positions, the chef is French, do not be fooled by him when he says ” Ahllan wa Sahllan” he knows how to say that well, what he perfects well, however, is his food.

The food’s presentation is superb, the service is blazing fast, the menu too was very french oh and even if you didnt like, say, Cinnamon, you’ll fall into the presentation and mighty tasteful reciepece. I dont even want to remember the things I had, its dangerous, craving for more, my weight scale slapped me in the face BIG TIME, umm, Twice ?

It was a learning experience, the owner explained what kind of chocolate he’s dealing with “Swiss”, the levels of cacao and milk combined, what are the international combinations made out there in the universe and what he is presenting to us, while he was doing that, he asked my friend A.B.E, to blow off the candle under the White chocolate fondue, we saw a slight whole in the middle coming off, he explained that White Chocolate have lots of milk in it, which means its lighter, cacao wise, made it burn quicker than the rest of the team mates out there “dark and milk chocolate” I LOVED IT !

Alright, I know what your waiting for, you want the dishes, ummm, you better pray before you see the mighty selection we have for you:

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December, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM

Review: Blackberry Bold 9700


Our new friends, Orbit Fone are beyond amazing with their generosity. Aside from them being our new sponsors, they were super kind to send us their latest addition of phones, the all new Blackberry Bold 9700 as a gift. Unbranded, Multilingual, arabized keyboard. EATABLE !

Here is the thing, I have been playing around with it now for three days and I have alot of things to say, yet I’ll just tag along the things I think you should know about since alot of you are already familiar with the Blackberry family. I have to point out though that this is the “take no mess” model, Why ?

Because all the previous models were playing chess with us in statements like these” This model has wifi but no 3G “or “This model has 3G but no Wifi”

Girl keep that mouth shut, cut the crap and give me what I want, give me the whole deal. This baby has 3 damn G, Wi freakin Fi Oh and edge on the side just incase yall need it, Kapeesh ?

Being a corporate boy in the zexy heat of this country gives you an extra push to perfect your work, get it done quickly & efficiently. Well, the new 9700 gives ou that obviously and more, elegance.

Grab on below to whats HAWT !
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December, 2009
phenomenon 12:01 AM

Phenomenon: Colors Splatter


Phenomenon section is lively again you guys, finally.
This piece is a bit special to me simply because it has been published by ABWAB magazine, in their latest issue which was just out.
I hope you like it, its real and from my heart to you.

Heavy bodies. Thats what you see when you hit any spot in the country.

Do not be tricked by the phrase ” Heavy Bodies ” for I am not talking about kilo grams, I am talking about how heavy souls are.

I remember when I went to Starbucks the other day with a big smile on my face due to some great news I heard over the phone. A woman was waiting for her order, I could tell she was in “haste” mode. The feet were tapping, the dis-comfort of waiting, watch gazing and finally, the inevitable ” why is this taking so long ? ” she screamed.

I continued smiling, minding my business. I always pass by this branch so I know the employees. We had our usual quick chat. We tend not to discuss my order since they know it very well so we talk about how work/family/vacation/plans are, then end up with a funny statement and burst out laughing.

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