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June, 2010
fun 12:06 AM

p0ach All Over The World

This is one of my all time favorite posts ever simply because you guys are in it, you get to participate and send your stuff, I LOVE IT !

The biggest/HAAAWWWTEST cities in the world came by, from NEW YORK-MIAMI-CALIFORNIA-LONDON-DUBAI-FRANKFURT-MILAN-DUBLIN-MALDIVES just to name a few

You have no idea how exciting this is, I get to just sit down and stare at the pics for long long periods with the biggest smile ever, THANK YOU !

Wazwoozy Made A p0ach/Janet Jackson LOVE creation of her own, AAAAAAAAAAH !! U R CRAZY – I LOVE YOU FOR THIS !

She also sent me some behind the scenes pics/creative process

Josaif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Faisal – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Reem – Home – Kuwait


Participate, send your stuff  on ( Show your love !

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Im the luckiest guy in this whole entire universe to have readers like YOU ;*

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July, 2009
Photography 12:00 AM

i Candy: Kitty Kat

Melts my ice-age heart.

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Extreme Sports
February, 2009
AD, Event, Kuwait 11:43 AM

Zain, a nice touch.

Received this MMS from ZAIN, super-duper-uber cute, includes a pic, and a ringtone by Abdullah Al-Ruwaished.

Occasion: Kuwait’s National Day.

Kids Zain

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