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September, 2012
Travel 12:05 AM

Mykonos Sunday Morning Post

Its always a life style. When you think of going to a certain destination for a vacation you go ” ok ? so what are we gonna do there ?”

Very happy to report that I had loads of fun – alot to learn – new friends and adventures.

First of all, a big thank you to my friends. You see, I happen to be a day person – I like to wake up early, go to the city, breakfast/coffee/shorts/messy hair/big smile and shades on. Two types of friends – Day People/Night people. I stay with my night  friends till dinner, in Mykonos that would mean 1,00-2,30 am, its an island, thats how they roll. I finish dinner, then walk alone back to the hotel. All I could think of while walking was “wow, how peaceful is this place ? isint it amazing ? – you see flowers all over the streets, everything is simple, beautiful bright stars, the weather is cool, actually it was so cool, you could throw a little jacket on your shoulders – then comes the little cats by the alley.

Had small conversations with random Kuwaiti couples along the way, some had kids – some were in the “just the two of us” phase, really loved their energy. Also, I think I freaked another kuwaiti couple in a dark alley, I saw them – as cute as they can possibly be – trying to take pictures of themselves individually – I thought “hmmm, why dont I voulnteer and take a pic of them both together ?” I did, but I guess I scared them a bit – too dark to be nice I guess. HAH!

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February, 2012
class 12:15 AM

We Love Salwa: 1 KD Party

Are you invited ?

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Extreme Sports
October, 2011
Music 12:01 AM

New Music: Beyonce – Party

Love the song, B uses low budget videos by an end of a project since B’Day. Prefer a different route for her.

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January, 2011
Travel 12:50 PM

p0ach & Friends Hit Bahrain: DAY 1

Alright you guys – here are some pics from our trip to Bahrain from 30th December till the 2nd of Jan.

Enjoy Day 1 – PRESS FS to enjoy full screen mode.

[flagallery gid=2 name="Gallery" w=510 h=380 skin=default_int]

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January, 2010
Culture 12:06 AM

Venting + Monday Morning “Party Hat” Post

Its been a really long vacation, full of insanity, parties, gifts, love and sharing for sure.

So since this is the first official day of work/school/Marrriage, HAH!, you name it, I just want you take a moment and blow whats in your head.

How was new years ? Got what you wanted ? Had fun ? Didn’t ? Newyears resolution, what is it/what are they.

Whatever it is, just post it here and lets share ups and downs.

No Judgement. Spit it out !

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December, 2009
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Farah Al-Zuhair


The wedding planner came to mind when I first had my chat with the kind and super sweet hearts Farah And her business partner Showg. Planning events is what they do, since all my lovely freaks enjoy celebrating their birthdays, hallowen, Eid and overall gathering, just trust that Googi desings will hook you up.

I know that there are many event planners out, I just think that these guys have an upper hand in more than one thing, affordability, simplicity & being culturally accepted.

Googi designs is the brain child of both farah al zuhair and her partner Showg. Get to know her more below:

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November, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Me & Beyonce in LALA LAND

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, please dont adhere to the sound quality as it is not that good at all because “ahem” * cough* *cough* I was in the very very very first row and the base sound was killing the shoot. I took some pieces from here and there, the last part of the video was the cherry on top of my Johnny rocket’s strawberry shake, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was quiet while shooting cuz *clumsy me* i thought this will help in making the sound come out nicely *snap*

Everytime you see Beyonce coming closer to us, I have aliens jumping up on me, screaming (really really loud), hollering, I almost dropped the video cam, you’ll see it.

Now, the Show:

Lala land was in Port Ghalib, Egypt

It was amazing, amazing, amazing !

I wont be talking about it, who Am I to do so ? Its Beyonce, DAMN IT ! Its Beyonce *snap x3*

I will say this though, she LOOKED AT US, WAVED, WINKED AND SENT US not 1 but 2 FLY KISSES, ME, fahad and 7amani, oh and to top it off ?? We all held her hand.

The Journey:

We paid for the cheapest package. It includes, accommodation, airplane ticket and attending the show. We wanted to take full advantage of our offer and make it more expensive (in experience) then the rest, WE DID !

My friends, The 2 Abdullah’s (ma yakilkom il theeb), F, 7amani and G were the crazies who made sure we get to the show very very early to get the best seats in the house, oh so help us god, WE DID !

We were so envied that 7amani’s back was left with a message from a female beyonce fan who wanted to stumble upon him HAHAHA LOOK !!

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