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April, 2012
Tech 11:03 PM

New Lite Packages From Mada

Mada has a new package for “Light users”

“تعلن شركة مدى عن الباقة الجديدة لذوي الاستخدام المتوسط لتلبية جميع الرغبات (light users)

سوهو 3 اشهر بقيمة 45 دينار والجهاز 40 دينار وبسرعه 2 ميجا

سوهو 12 شهر بقيمة 170 دينار والجهاز مجانا وبسرعه 2 ميجا

بسكت 3 اشهر بقيمة 45 دينار والجهاز 30 دينار وبسرعه 2 ميجا

بسكت 12 شهر بقيمة 170 دينار والجهاز مجانا وبسرعه 2 ميجا”

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May, 2011
Tech 10:38 AM


Exclusively with VIVA Internet

Wanna know more ?

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

Laduree: Marni’s Special Edition

My friend F.K.E, always brings whats hawt for me from all over the globe. This time he was nice enough to drop me a box all the way from Paris.
Basically, Marni, decided to create a special limited edition package for the ever so wonderful Laduree.

Aside from the wonderful mouthful taste everybody knows of, I loved how the Macaroons in this pic, somehow, somewhere represents Kuwait’s Flag ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2009
Kuwait, Money, rumor 12:05 AM

Rumor Has It: Newly Weds Package

My favorite non islamic bank had a plan months back to launch a new campaign that highlights newly married couples in Kuwait.

General features were:

- A very flexable loan, really low interest rate.
- Exclusive accommodation offers.
- A gift voucher which is a trip to Dubai with a two night stay in Atlantis Hotel.

and many more.

I wonder what happened, no news of that wonderful/humanitarian offer came about yet. Lord knows these couples need that extra push, they have already been “budget” stripped. HAH !

Fingers crossed.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together