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August, 2011
product 5:34 AM

Whats this ?

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March, 2011
Art 12:05 AM

Art: London Opera Gallery

Loved the pieces of ART we came across at London Opera Gallery.

Marvelous stuff.

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Extreme Sports
March, 2011

NEW SPOT: Opera at ZAIN’s Head Quarters

Went to run some errands at the semi-newly revamped building exactly next to ZAIN’s main building. I thought I stepped into an apple store replica.

No no, not the first pic, the third one where its all white and stuff with the high ceiling.

Loved the place and overall atmosphere.

The place is extremely calm, secluded and quiet.

Ofcourse its topped with one of Kuwait’s finest and (in my opinion) most prestigious food caterers, Oprea.

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