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September, 2010
Health 12:17 AM

Zexy: Red HAWT Nespresso

I finally gave in & went for it. My last european tour with my friend F.K.E was a blast, small shots of coffee were close friends of ours.

I remember how I was satisfied with two short cups of Espresso all day as appose to two VENTI/Large/Huge mugs of Starbucks/Caribou mixes. Not to mention health & price differences.

The dinosaur in me always had thoughts screaming “But thats not enough ? im used to big mugs, big sizes, big everything” not till I tasted this kind of coffee all over europe was I satisfied. When I became happy, satisfied and diggin it, I kept thinking “im buying one right after Ra Ra Ramadan”.

I remember when I went to Dr.Merhi in Lebanon back in 2009, that beautiful sweetheart, he ordered me not to drink and let me quote myself from that previous post “If you would like to have coffee grab those: Espresso. Arabian Coffee. Home Made Coffee. Avoid Nescafe. Ready made coffee from famous coffee shops. Anything with coffee mate”

That sounds healthy but it was hard to do. I love JAYJAY, our tea boy at work, but with all the staff and nasties at work, I dont think i’m getting my coffee right, I thought well what the heck lemme just go ahead with it.

Alright, so first of all, let me show you peeps how its like “im sure some of ya’ll are familiar with it, however the way I saw peeps examining it at the boutique made me take lots of pix” :

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