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January, 2011
Education 7:53 PM

Mubaader: Testimonials

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A Seminar and workshop done by CEO of Al-Mutawa Consulting Group, Kuwait Entrepreneurs, and MUBAADER Enterprises, Mr. Ahmad Al-Mutawa.

The two day seminar and workshop touched on steps to start a business, entrepreneurial path and some skills one need to build it while avoiding some major mistakes an entrepreneur can fall into.

Watch it, pretty interesting – I personally loved the part when he went “they’ll ask, have you ever failed ? if you answered NO, they’ll ask you to leave the room”

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December, 2010
interview 3:20 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmed Al-Mutawa

“I awaken people, Abdullah, that’s what I do, I awaken people”

That’s the phrase that caught my attention.

That’s what I am interested in, awakening. I guess readers are pretty familiar with how much im attached to Mr. Eckhart Tolle’s message in awakening earthlings. Spiritually, that’s what Eckhart Tolle does. He awakened me for sure.

Mr.Ahmad Al-Mutawa aims to awaken those with potential, passion and fire within them, those who want to make and do things out of themselves, but lack the “know how” guide.

He aims to bring out the entrepreneur in you, show you what you are capable of, the power and greatness in you, unleashed.

I loved how we sat down, went to “vent mode” talked about everything and anything, I even got my thoughts analyzed by Ahmed, which felt great. He’s very open, extremely honest and simple. He has a message,

In my humble opinion, I found him doing a job that cannot be executed by many. I think he knocks out and completely eliminates the voices in the head that scream “You can’t do it, you are not good enough, you will fail”, he’s been successful so far.

I don’t want to ruin fun and successful stories you’ll go through below

Get to know Ahmad

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