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September, 2012
Motivation, Personal 12:04 AM

Full Breakfast Sunday Morning Post

“I cant believe tomorrow is sunday, its just too fast, GRRRRRR, I hate sundays”, thats what a friend of mine threw at me the other day. I always keep a silent mode in situations of that sort, but then it hit me.If you don’t like Sundays/work then clearly you have an issue with what you do. Obviously you dislike what you do. Like a kid in school who had no option but to go to school.

As adults, we have a choice but some of us act like kids, scared to take action. I’ll take it a notch further and say that some people have very long tongues, sharp as knives, cruel like winter nights and sneakier than a cobra, but when it comes to action, they remind me of a scene from Animal Planet, where Hyenas(people) try eat something(opportunities) caught by a lion(life). Whenevr they try to come close, one look from the lion and they’r all far far away due to fear and cowardly behavior.

Its ok to complain once, twice, thrice – but playing that record for years and do nothing is not. Try something new, try other solutions, try to talk to different people, just TRY/Move/Take Action.

Had to throw these lines in there.

Now the good stuff:

Treating myself to a grand Paleo diet breakfast – its a way of welcoming myself into that lifestyle’s hall of fame. Super excited to get my projects out, get things done, learn new staff, discuss interesting things – im a bit dizzy as Im typing but I know it’ll be a kick a$$ week with loads of fun.

Be around people who produce stuff, inspire you, give you honest criticism – if it doesn’t feel right in your gut, let that thing go. TRUST ME.

Oh and in case you didnt know .. ahem .. im happy to announce that now speaks Arabic too, dont believe me ? READ THIS:

أهلاً و مرحباً بكم – بوچ يتكلم العربية !ـ

Not only that, we’ll have contributors too, so far we have a girl and a dude who’ll participate here on p0ach starting from next week.

If you like, you can contribute too.

You can write a post, share a thought, a picture and submit your name and email in the contacts section to get credit for your submission.

We cool ? we like this ? – Alright then.


Hope this splashes a bit of water into your senses – Maybe awakens you from within to appreciate or change the situation you are in, whatever that is.

I leave you with loads of love, positive energy and wishes for a great week ahead !


Smile, you are alive today.

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August, 2012
Motivation, People 12:01 AM

(Inspired) Sunday Morning Post

The only time I felt deeply touched and inspired was when I came across Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” – ever since then, I never felt anything like or close to that level of Nirvana/Awakening/Inspiration/Being Touched/Motivated and most importantly, ALIVE.

I am positively sure that my attention and reactions were not focused on giving you material that is up to date on whats going on in K-Town for I have been shoving my face and senses deep in work – it felt like a sick marriage. HAH! Loving the results though.

They told me not to share what Im about to do with you guys – they said you cant keep a secret *eye roll* wont keep it for long – just know that its exciting – fresh – new and definitely motivating.

This may sound awkward but I didnt have the chance to take a full deep breath like I used to -I see you dropping a line like ” its just a breath in – breath out thingy, why make it a big deal ?” – I feel you – however, being busy with many channels makes you productive – being overworked makes you KOKO – thats not me complaining, its just me laying facts.

I finally chose to engage myself in less activities and focus more on only the things that matter to me the most – pushes forward. Fast Forward actually.

All I know for sure is that I trust this feeling I have in my guts – it sounds so beautiful in my mind and just the thought of it makes me smile.

Im truly and utterly inspired. 

Thank you (Universe).



Maybe you like to ..

Buy yourself some flowers, share some with others. No occasion needed.


Try a nice fancy restaurant


Paint something, buy a piece of art that inspires you – makes you wonder – takes you away from where you are now. You never know how far you’ll get.


Maybe spend that money you stashed since god knows when. Travel, feel alive – spend it – use it – thats what its made for.

Charity wouldent hurt, cleans the soul, opens a new connection with the divine.

Get a hair cut – hit a spa – rework your room, decorate it – renovate it – donate clothes.


The more you do/give/move/work the more new opportunities arise – you have to be awake though.

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Extreme Sports
June, 2012

Chalet Monday Morning Post

“Abdulla ? Enough already” Thats what my mum said – guess I got Baked. HAH! That sounds nice but a bit nasty – Baked. Hmmmm, all these words and suggestive scenes that come to mind.

Decided I want to go back to my roots – literally – our family chalet, haven’t been there in ages. Loved the warm welcome from everyone it felt nice.

Aiming for a spa-like atmosphere away from malls and lovely human UFOs – I think I had my way, parents gave a VIP feel to how I felt and what I saw, they were probably aiming for me to come more often. Kept playing Jill Scott’s “Family Reunion” over and over again in my mind.

Convinced always that I could never work around clutter or noise – and boy there was a lot of it  - I still managed to finish work, blog and business clutter – I missed two objectives – making a new playlist for running at the gym and read a chapter or two from “Be Love Now” by Ram Dass – guess these two aren’t much of a hassle. Wont worry or bother – see I have a plan. HAH!

Sunday was just beautiful from morning all the way till the very end, till the very last minute. Started with a ride from where I was with my favorite cousin in the world till we smashed Bnaider’s beach. The water was cool, fresh and its color screamed AQUA all over. We decided not to do anything but float and talk like we never met before – the updates kept flowing till we get drunk talking (I’m exaggerating here, no alcohol) Oh and we did try McDonald’s new waffles – meh.

Just incase your wondering if music was part of the package, ofcourse it was, try it yourself, buy the TUNE IN app and search for “ID funky Music” that station is just divine – filled with feel good music to the max.

The flower up there is one of many from where I stayed/slept – I used its beauty and obvious energy in silent meditations. If you look closely, you’d see it as multiple flowers within a bigger one. Magnificence. Found myself deeply interested in trees for some reason. There is something majestic about flowers and trees.

I feel blessed – happy and so in love with everything I’m in contact with.

Believe it or not, a big portion of how I feel was taken away by overworking and scheduling conflicts. All went away when I “let go”.

Smile and make it big this time – You are alive – and I am reminding you that greatness itself created you, it wants you to be useful, productive and overall HAPPY.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2012
Motivation 12:05 AM

June Sunday Morning Post

Did something wrong the other day. Very happy I did, in a way or another, its a wake up call.

Thought I’d do some fasting for a change, that whole “centered” feeling is missed, maybe a 3 day marathon ? Yeah, that sounds nice.

They say that sin is ugly, whats uglier is discussing it. Im not really doing that, I’m just happy that I see it as an awakening.

Now that I’v got that out of the way, I’m very happy that I made it so far with you guys till June.

Lets hope for less flow-y sands and loads of beautiful, healthy sunshine with loads and loads of love.

Remind yourself that you always have a choice in everything you do. Thinking that you don’t is the core of stupidity, I say that with love.

June onwards asks you to tan, fall in love, bring more joy to the world, surround yourself with fun people and energy that makes you more and more productive.

Everything you want is in you – nothing is out there. Wise boys and girls will comprehend this.

Smile, you are alive today.

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March, 2012
Motivation 12:05 AM

Dates Sunday Morning Post

Pressed down lots of points to you about time.

How quick, how fast, how tasteless we get about events and things happening around us .. it feels .. i don’t know .. it just feels like a dream.

Didn’t have time to meditate lately, felt an urge to sit for a while and have a look at the date I took a picture of – up there – sat there for a couple of minutes admiring its beauty, exploring details and making fun of myself on how fast and unclassy I shove these down my throat.

It really is beautiful. I made my senses become aware of its beauty, embraced it, then decided to make it part of my body. I ate it.

Very short thought process isn’t it ?

Might have been short, but the affect is timeless.


Everyday I learn something new, make a new mistake, add new data to my mind, heal myself and go forward.

One thing I do everyday and it never changes: Everyday Im thankful to be alive one more day.

I feel blessed. I really really feel it.

To the source of all energy “I love you – Im sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you”



Time is an illusion – get it ?

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January, 2012
Motivation 12:06 AM

South African Sunday Morning Post

Trying to give you guys something great is hard.

Kuwaitis – all you hawt zexy freaks – are exposed to the best of the best of whats out there. Still, I think there is space for bits of enhancements here and there.

A friend of mine – lost brother from another mother – went to the beautiful and – in my book – uninhabited SOUTH AFRICA.

Its very important for you guys to realize that these pics were all taken by an iPhone 4s, nothing else. A camera in a phone.

Chose lots of amazing/breathtaking views that I know and trust will push lots of beautiful energy your way – Take it all in !

Read the rest of this entry »

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October, 2011
Motivation 12:05 AM

Sea, Sand & Shells Sunday Morning Post

You have to make space for things to happen.

On a long vacation, having the time of my life and YES started reading already. I’ll let you in on the latest on tomorrow’s post.

Book title, the latest APP I’m obsessed with, a little story with Alothamn Zakat house and a bit of anime too.

If all goes well, I’ll leave town soon and hit some hot tropical spots somewhere in this big wide planet of ours.

Please try and have a beautiful week with lots of things to do. Find ways to make your friends at work/school more productive. You’ll go up together, on all levels.

For some reason work is not going the way you like ?  Try this, it helped me, might help you as well.

I WILL NOT STOP REMINDING YOU that you are alive today and that alone is a reason to be up, jolly and in great mood.

Small piece of advice: Since the weather is slowly shifting, I guess now is the best time to check your tires, wipers and light signals, all of a sudden it’ll be winter, rain and people holding phones on the road. I don’t have to elaborate right?

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