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April, 2010
interview 2:36 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mishari Al-Mufarreh

Friday is here and a part of my wishes came true, you see I wanted to have some of THE PROTEGES mentors interviewed, I already got Shamlan Al-Bahar, today, we have Mishari and the rest, I hope are coming through for yall.

Usually I introduce my guests, my way. I found this wonderful writeup about Mishari and thought that its perfect, just perfect for an intro:

Mishari is a certified trainer and a consultant in various personal development areas such as NLP techniques, TimeLine Therapy® and Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming(ABNLP), Time Line Therapy Association(TLTA) and the American Board of Hypnotherapy(ABH).

Mishari delivers trainings and consultations to his clients internationally and have received outstanding feedbacks and results. He also provides Business oriented trainings that includes up to date research and applications in the areas of communication skills. Since 2005, Mishari has been delivering trainings of various subjects in the field such as Using NLP in Presentation skills, negotiation skills, Power of Communication SkillsTM, Linguistic Skills, How to understand He also provides his students with certifications from each Board in the United States after completing his specialized courses that meet the board’s requirements.

Mishari has been involved in personal, individual and couples therapy. To totally minimize your problems and enhance your ability to control negative emotions, Mishari recommends you join one of his specialized courses which are internationally recognized to not just help yourself become better but also start helping others as well!
Mishari has been involved in corporate trainings and his courses have been recognized on a regional level.

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