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April, 2012
Entertainment 8:53 PM

Now Watching: Sword In The Stone

Whenever im sick, I turn to things that take everything discomforting away.

Disney’s villains are angels in contrast to what I see everyday. I remember how MAD MADAM MIM brought me back to life with that unforgettable scene.

Now remember kids, there is no such thing as “you watch disney too much” screw that, watch it as much as you like, aint nothing wrong with a little bit of innocent fun.

*Madame Mim reminds me of someone I know. Bless her heart. Specially when she says “Why boy Im the greatest!”

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March, 2010
Entertainment 12:05 AM

Choose Your Favorite Villain

You can tell they mean no harm, they just act nasty, I love’em all, but I have a favorite, will share who it is later ;D

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Extreme Sports
May, 2009
Personal 12:02 AM

Female Co-Worker.

As I always say, I am not a talkative freak, I love visuals, I actually live for visuals.

There is this tricky/ina kaydahonaa 3atheem/wicked/aging/ female co-worker. She keeps running to me, asking me for favors and stuff, she makes the rules, she breaks’em, she says things, does the opposite.
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