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September, 2012
Music 12:03 AM

Throw Back: Star People

Was working on a project (or two) thought i’d shuffle into George Michael’s classic “Older”.

Thats when I came across “Star People”.

I cant believe the music/instruments/melody & overall in-direct (or is it ?) mockery.


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June, 2012
People 10:37 PM

Its Been 3 Years

We Miss You

1958 – Forever

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Extreme Sports
March, 2012
Music 12:01 AM

Music: The Weekend

Enjoy the weekend kids !

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January, 2012
Music 12:03 AM

MJ Still Legendary

Despite passing away now three years ago, Pop deity Michael Jackson is continuing to extend his lead as the most groundbreaking creative act of all time.

For, as of this year, he has has exceeded worldwide sales of 1 billion copies.

Thats 1,000,000,000 records. 9 freakin digits.

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October, 2011
Event 12:04 AM

Halloween: Thriller

Nothing fits halloween more than MJ’s Thriller. Nothing.

I dont do Halloween, for those who did, please tell me you had MJ in there somewhere.

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August, 2011
People 3:45 AM

Happy Belated B’day Mike

There are celebrities, stars, superstars, legends, then there is Michael Jackson.

miss you !

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June, 2011
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Michael’s Most Watched Video On YouTube

YouTube Preview Image

A staggering 87,828,600 Million viewers!

I still think its not much, I wish there’s a way you can calculate how many times this video was viewed for real on all types of media. I for one have seen it hundreds of times, the making of the material more than the video its self.


I love how he says ” I have something I wanna tell you – Im not like other guys, No, I mean im different” AWWWWWW ;**

Those two remind me of *ahem*

I miss you !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together