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February, 2011
Education 12:05 PM

A Message from AZIZ

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February, 2010
phenomenon 12:06 AM

A Message From The Boys

Men in my life have bombarded me with a strange but true statement thats been hovering on my brain cells from Husbands, Fiances, BF’s, Crush holders, and yes, a CEO.

Its a message from them to you ladies, wives, youngins, lady loves and the nasties, you see, I tried to sum up what they have in mind in a line or two and here’s how it goes:

“We, sometimes, dont understand how you feel and we LOVE you, we just want YOU to SAY what YOU have in mind instead of making us ASSUME what YOU want and END UP with the WRONG conclusions”

Alright, I guess I got it right, I hope so.

Ok, ladies, take a breather, no need to throw your fine Manolo’s on the computer screen, you can basically, ease down and not take the above statement personally. Specially with all those men watching, umm hmm ? *snap*

On the other hand, if you think you did everything by the book and you made yourself/message/intentions clear and he still acts stupid, you know I got your back and here’s what you do to’em

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Extreme Sports
December, 2009
class 12:01 AM

Class: A Message To The Troops

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Preach !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2009
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Chris Brown Got A Message For You

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Well, what do you think ?

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May, 2009
Personal 12:00 AM

Network/Internet Malfunction

I had a network/internet malfunction yesterday so excuse the lack of updates.

Thank you for your emails & concerns.

p.s: loved this line ” Abdullah ? Are you ok ? ” LOOOL

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together