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March, 2012
Food 12:04 AM

New: Humbah Burger

Went to check on a friend the other day and I found this mini elegant bus parked outside.

I asked “Humbah ? humbah as in Mango ? as in ,,, what ?”

Guess by now all of you are aware its a new burger joint – met the owner Mr.Mubarak AlSabah, kind enough to explain the whole concept & I loved the idea.

*Mubarak – I know your’e reading this – you’ll be featured on an interview and explain everything to the masses, we cool ?*

Anyway kids, you wanna see the HUM HUM Burgers ?

Come on in !

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February, 2012
Food 12:05 AM

Brunch at TaTaMi

“We’ll be doing a special tasting menu where diners pick one item from each category to get to try: eggs, okonomiyaki, sandwiches, last bites (the sweet stuff like pancakes & french toast).
We’ve added new things to the menu, like roasted pumpkin and ginger pancakes, a smoked salmon and herb omelet with wasabi-spiced cream cheese, and beautifully fragrant infused water served by the pitcher. It will be lots of fun to mix and match your menu with your friends. Getting to try a lot in smaller portions means if you plan it right, you and your friends could end up trying nearly the entire menu!
This is the link to the FB event page, for more images and info:
To tell you a few things about the menu:
When we say Japanese-inspired brunch, it’s because we created a fusion menu that features classic brunch ingredients with a Japanese twist such as ginger-infused maple syrup for the french toast, which is made of freshly made shokupan (a Japanese bread) Matchta green tea pancakes, shiitake mushrooms used in our miso-braised eggplant and fresh mozzarella sandwich, and wasabi-spiced cream cheese for our smoked salmon and herb omelet.
Shokupan is a Japanese bread that is buttery and delicious, we bake our own fresh made from scratch to use in our brunch items.
Okonomiyaki, sometimes referred to as “Osaka soul food” is essentially a Japanese frittata. The word itself, which dates back to the late 30s in Osaka, is a combination of “Yaki” (grilled or cooked) and “Okonomi”, which means “what you want” or “what you like.” It was invented in Japan prior to World War II, when rice became scarce and residents had to be creative in using other more readily available ingredients, such as eggs. It has since become wildly popular across Japan. It is not a dish strictly served at breakfast, and some okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan are grill-it-yourself establishments, where the customer mixes the raw ingredients of their choosing and grills it right at their table, which has a built-in “teppan,” or special hotplate.
It should be good fun, hope you can make it yourself!
It will be this Friday and Saturday, from 9am-2pm. Reservations aren’t a must, but are highly recommended to avoid waiting”
This should be interesting – RESERVE !

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Extreme Sports
May, 2011
Food 4:43 AM

Exclusive Review: Cocoa Room Breakfast

Back in january, I went on a low key visit to the Cocoa Room and shared my jazzy/dark/deep/intimate experience with you.

“The innovative masterminds behind Kuwait’s most successful food joints a la Burger boutique, Slider Station and Open Flame Kitchen invited p0ach to their latest creation, THE COCOA ROOM” again, however this time its for a bright and shiny cause, a breakfast p0ached eggs galore review ! I just had to be there – Period.

Its been a good while since I sat down – went with a full fledge review for you beautiful kings and queens roaming the earth.

Trust me, I would have gone for a micro detailed post if I had time, however, the grand opening is 2 days away, so I hope you like it.

You ready ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2010
Food 4:58 PM

Ramadan Specials

Alright people, since my email exploded with Ramadan specials from here and there, I’ll post the best of the best from what I got so far, so here goes:



MUNCH // Website

NAPKET // Website

AYMSTRONG // Website


REYOOG // SE7OOR // Website


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November, 2009
Food 12:05 AM

Munch: Thanks Giving Menu

YouTube Preview Image

Since you freaks went crazy over the video quickies we did for you previously and went even crazier for the previous Munch review here and over email forwarding madness with zero credits to us, thank you very much (HAH!), myself and the team over at Munch restaurant thought we should do you a video of their new “Thanks Giving Menu”.

We wanted an intimate small set, little if any lightning, minimal crowd, we got that. We got that for you.

Mr.Nilesh Daas, Munch’s manager, graced us with his presence, as we were talking, we thought of shooting the video right away & you can sense how casual the whole atmosphere was.

The food was beyond amazing. Thats all im saying. Because honestly, lets face it, we are not really used to having these feasts, the big turkey and all that festive atmosphere, we have our own though, this too was amazing.

“Escapade” thats the word that kept jumping into my head whenever Read the rest of this entry »

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April, 2009
Food 12:02 AM

Have you tried these from Starbucks ?


I was going through my BB cam, found these pics & realized that i didn’t upload ‘em yet.

The only thing I tastes was the Chicken Fajita, its delicious. I bet the choco pistachio is yum too.


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