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April, 2011
Tech 12:06 AM

BOOM: X-Mini

Do you know what this is ?

Hmm ??

Now I know you freaks are curious, trust me, you’ll LOVE what it can do for YOU!

Hint: The company manufacturing this product in Singapore sent this specially for p0ach to share with you guys.

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April, 2010
phenomenon 12:04 AM

Phenomenon: Room Diet/Let Go

A while back I decided to renovate my room and fix some ancient things that were overlooked by myself. Renovation went well and the room looks delightful.

Many items were thrown inside boxes for me to look at and I finally decided to dedicate this past week just to clean, clear, take out, wipe whatever items that do not make sense anymore or are irrelative to my current lifestyle.

The room went from full to empty.

My brain too.

I never knew that there were so many irritating items hanging there in the room making me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

While I was in my UNemotional shove and throw scene, I saw that tape above, I never knew it was still in my room, I thought it was lost.

I starred at it for a while, played the tape, saw the play, laughed a bit, sipped coffee, had a moment of silence. Then I knew it was coming, that memory train came in rushing from all sides, the old me wanted to reminisce, I accepted these thoughts and gave them space to marinate, I wanted to know where these thoughts would take me.

The current me told my conscious to throw the tape right into the trash bin.

I did.

I threw the tape, I threw all the attachments that came with it with ZERO hesitation.

As soon as I threw that one tape, Read the rest of this entry »

6 people like this post.
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