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August, 2011
AD 12:29 PM

NEW: Maidan Clinic AD

Funny mess.

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October, 2010
Uncategorized 12:04 AM

Abdullah Likes: Maidan Clinic EMAIL Reminder

I wish everybody, every company would do that to their clients.

No need to clutter our brains with squeeky voices going ” Sayed Abdullah ? 3indik maw3id ma3a doctora Margooga at 4″

I like how this mail has everything you need.

Time, date, Doctor’s name, map and CONFIRMATION button.

The moment you confirm, you may ADD it to your calendar, just like me.


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Extreme Sports
June, 2010
Health 12:06 AM

Al-Maidan Clinic: Dr.Freshta

This woman is amazing, utterly utterly amazing.

My family over at twitter knows that I went ahead and got braces on my zexy teeth.

I never wanted to go through this because I did not want the “Please no, no no injections please”, then people told me to hit her office and ask for DR.FRESHTA, specifically. I never knew why, but I did the “check up on it” procedure. Glad I did !

Out of manners, I did not hug that woman, she was so full of love, very up beat and extremely friendly. While she was introducing herself, I realized that I was listening to some jazz music, then slowly went to Norah Jones and the likes of her in the background, then, just then, she said “I dont use injections in my office, at all”

This is where I let my guard down, felt really comfy, started humming the music while she took my oral measurements, she told me about what she does here, where she hangs and stuff of that nature, I felt so comfortable, all that stupid phobia disappeared, I never wanted that experience to end, EVER!

I’ll be updating you guys on what happens with this fine and highly talented, PARIS graduate, magician!

Contact – Click on the AD on the TOP

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Copy Not

Before you watch this Video, go through this post first to understand the full concept.

YouTube Preview Image
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December, 2009
AD 1:02 PM

Ok ?


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Awwwww, bless their hearts ;*

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November, 2009
Health 12:00 AM

Exclusive: Maidan Clinic Mobile Service

YouTube Preview Image

This is Al Maidan clinic’s new mobile service. The idea is to have a fully loaded dentist/dentistry at your doorsteps.

Watch the video, its extremely important. If you like what you see, just know that its available to you and your family, friends and downaiya members.

You have to call and make a reservation at least a day earlier, here is the hotline 1-88-33-22

A special thank you to:

- The wonderful Jumana Al-Shatti, from the marketing team at Al-Maidan Clinic. Thank you for being brave.
- Maidan Clinic managment, thank you for your trust in me.
- All the staff who helped us out.


This is my first video review ever. I hope you like it and I would appreciate your kind feedback. I have shot the video, directed and edited the whole thing, just for you readers.

I hope that this will turn the notch up a bit with the reviews seen here and as I promised you, I’ll always try to have something new and original.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together