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September, 2012
Music 12:02 AM

New Music: Bad 25th Anniversary

So I went ahead and bought MJ’s Remastered “Bad” Album, with loads of features, remixes and Live performance from his BAD TOUR in Wembley, London.


Bought the Concert footage too from iTunes, it was really nice watching MJ doing his thing.

Felt really blessed to be exposed to his music back when I was your age – yeah you, whoever you are, im older than you – felt sorry for the kids who think they’r exposed to REAL music.

Enough of what I think, have a listen to to this brand new Mix ( I LIKE IT ALOT ) with Pitbull:

Dont know if you feel it too, but the track has a bit of “بصرة” vibe to it no ?


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February, 2012
Event 8:00 PM

Live: Whitney Houston’s Farewell

Watch NOW

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Extreme Sports
January, 2012
environment 12:04 AM

Throwing Trash, Live

On the way to work, talking on the phone (hands free) with one of the nicest human beings to touch this earth then *BAAAM* this happens.

A dude throwing this cup, kleenex tissues and a ciggie right on the floor straight from his window, may I add, in front of the police officer, just like that, like nothing happened and WEEEEE he went away.

Dear Ministry of interior, I would love to have some officials from your side contact me so I can provide a pic that has the car’s license plate.

It didn’t upset me, not one bit, I found it funny actually. That action + the carelessness from officials spoke 1,000s of books ahead.

Aren’t we beautiful ? *ahem*


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October, 2011
Event, People 9:23 AM

Live: NY Apple Store

These are pics that were JUST taken by Dalal, live from New York city.

The love is evident. We love you Steve.

Universal Love.

Original Message

“Hey , Its dalal. Im just using this e-mail cuz I got it set up on my phone. So thats the apple store on 5th avenue, it usually has a glass exterior but now its covered for some reason.”

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October, 2011
News 6:22 PM

Live Pics: بنك التسليف والادخار

As received:

فتح بنك التسليف و الادخار اليوم ٢ اكتوبر ابوابهه لاستقبال طلبات قرض العقاري للمطلقات و الآرامل و المتزوجة غير كويتي

elwath3 kan war zone i was shaking they broke the door the police called more police 9ara7a so classy .. they pushed me every where and pulled me just to ask or take an application … GOD BLESS KUWAIT no one gives like that


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May, 2011
fun 10:38 AM

JLO & ELLEN Dance Off

YouTube Preview Image
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April, 2011
Event 10:53 AM

Live: British Royal Wedding


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