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September, 2011
environment 12:05 AM

Kuwaiti Project: Recycle Link

A friend of and previous guest, Mr.Fahad AlNsuf gave me the latest news on “Recycle Link” and I want everybody to jump on board and just read about it at least.

These kinds of projects are very very dear to me. READ ON !

RecycLink Specializes in paper waste management and distribution in Kuwait. Main services include: collecting all kinds of paper waste and distributing to recyclers. RecycLink strives to create a sustainable model that can be applied to serving every business and house in Kuwait and potentially the region.
Spreading environmental awareness by sponsoring school activities, initiating recycling workshops and partnering with Non-profits, activists and government agencies.

Recyclink contracting for the transfer of waste and debris

• G ive back to the environment.
• R ecycle bin in every house, office, and store.
• E volution in the waste management system in Kuwait.
• E ducate and spread the knowledge of sustainable life and how to be achieved.
• N ever say no to waste.

Green Business Certified (Pending)
Approved by: Intuition for Green Business Certification – Middle East

Our Services:
- Collecting paper waste.
- Providing recycling bins to our clients.
- Distributing paper waste to recyclers.

Phone Hotline: 99912457 Office:22322910


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June, 2009
interview 1:56 PM

"Interviews" A New Page Added

I have decided to add a new page on the top right under “Pages”, its titled “Interviews”, yes you guessed it, its basically an archive of all the interviews done.

Just another step for making things easier for you guys and giving a big spotlight for my even bigger guests.

On another note, I have also linked a previous post made regarding who’s eligible for an Interview. If your up for it or know someone who is eligible, drop me an e-mail.

Indulge your eyes & spread the word !

p.s: *ahem* I need to “cough” brag “cough” so “ahem” here goes, p0ach is booked for the next 3 weeks already HAH :P

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