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November, 2011
Kuwait, News 12:49 AM

Latest Political Scene

A lot of things going on in town.

Do I care ? Not really.

Old sony headphones got a bit of malfunction mess, right channel stopped working, then I realized something.

Both ears are functioning wonderfully, the rest of my body does too. I thank the lord almighty for his infinite gifts.

State of gratitude, being thankful for everything I’m blessed with is all I care for. Anything else comes and goes.

If you care for the P in pollution out there, just know that “This Too Shall Pass”.


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February, 2011
fun 1:45 PM

AZIZ & 7aMaNiii’s Latest Videos

YouTube Preview Image

7aMaNiii On Valentines.

YouTube Preview Image

Aziz got an apartment, YAY!

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Extreme Sports
September, 2010
AD 4:59 AM

P0ach’s Take On NBK’s Latest AD *UPDATED*

YouTube Preview Image

I love NBK. I am a very proud client. I feel home whenever I reach any NBK branch.

Their latest AD ticked my heart, made me jump out my clothes with joy. How many times have I seen it so far ? Only 54 times. Im not talking TV, im talking about YOUTUBE play count, HAH!

Before I go on with my visual video analysis, I just want yall to know that this video UP here is the HD version.

I call it the “NBK EID AD / Halla Wallah” Version.

Here’s the breakdown:


I love how the boy keeps saying HALLA WALLA all over the AD – ITS ADORABLE !!!

Message to NBK

I love you to pieces. My favorite bank ever. I take most of what you do seriously.

The ads you presented your bank with before this one in particular were dull and unnecessary. Im being polite.

This AD boosted you way up in my book. More of this please. This is a family pleaser.


The AD is KAAFIKH – Mr.Haitham from Caviar Group, baby, your a STAR – p0ach LOVES YOU !

The video does not need my approval anyway, its a global/worldwide hit, don’t believe me ? its #48 globally on Utube today !


Just saw this video on Frankom & ilsul6ana‘s blog:

YouTube Preview Image

Video tribute all the way from our students in Australia !!

*whispers* see i told you this will crawl into another (Single Ladies) phenomenon video, but yall didnt believe me, thank you lawwwd for inspiring me to put my thoughts up on the pics above !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2010
People 10:36 PM

AZIZ Plays Jenga + Latest Updates

YouTube Preview Image


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July, 2010
politics 12:22 PM

NEWS: Khaled Al-Fadalah

Since most of yall kept sending me emails asking me questions like:

Who’s he ?

Whats his deal ?

How can we know the latest 411/news bout him ?

Here is your FIX below

Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE


To Khaled’s Family, I have nothing but love and respect for you.

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October, 2009
News 1:12 PM

Latest Update from Aramex

Hello Shop&Shippers!

We understand it’s been a rough week for all of you, but finally, Kuwait Customs’ policy has cleared up, and we’re happy to say that online shopping is about to become more fun than ever!

So here’s the bottom line: regardless of the goods value, all shipments are subject to customs clearance. We’ll clear all shipments in one bundle, and pay the charged customs duties accordingly. You read correctly; it’s on us!

In this case, you will only endure the following charges:

1 KD handling charges
5% of order value for Kuwait Customs duties (applicable only to orders valued above $100 USD)

However, self-clearance option is no longer available for our customers. You can contact us at [+ 965 1 820011] for further details.

Happy online shopping!

Your friends at Shop&Ship,

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together