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August, 2012
Entertainment 12:35 AM

Play: 3eemarat Bu Sarah

Ofcourse the play is KOKO – usually, I put this in the background while I clean my room or do things – random stuff.

I bummed into this scene – skip the play to 3 Hours 50 seconds – watch the tall actor, forgot his name – watch his FA9LA.

That scene is on repeat like crazy – TEARS OF JOY !

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May, 2012
People 12:05 AM

Viva Club with Abdulrahman AlZanki

VIVA held the 2nd App Club workshop with Kuwait’s youngest application developer, 15 year old Abdulrahman Al Zanki. The VIVA App Club is the first club of its kind in Kuwait to cater for application developers from the age 13 -18 years.

The workshop welcomed 20 young developers and included topics such as ‘basics of app development’ and ‘steps to create your own application’. In the next workshop they will be able to present their app ideas for valuation by AlZanki and the VIVA team.


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Extreme Sports
May, 2012
Documentary 9:53 AM

Documentary: AL-MANAKH

Don’t miss this promo of al manakh documentary. Hope you like it.

يعتبر هذا الفيلم الوثائقي أول إنتاج تلفزيوني كويتي يوثق هذه الأزمة المالية وهذه الحقبة التاريخية، ليس فقط من تاريخنا الاقتصادي والوطني فحسب، وإنما أيضا من التاريخ الإقتصادي العالمي نظرا إلى أن أزمة  سوق المناخ تعتبر ثالث الأزمات الاقتصادية المالية العالمية بعد أزمة الزهور في هولندا في القرن السابع عشر وأزمة الأسواق العالمية عام 1929م في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية.

لقد إستغرق هذا العمل ثلاثة سنوات بدءاً من الدراسة والبحث وتجميع كم هائل من المواد الأرشيفية و إجراء أكثر من 35 مقابلة حصرية مع أهم الشخصيات ذات الصلة بهذه الأزمة.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2011
Music 9:01 PM

Kuwaiti Girl Covers (Pumped Up Kicks)

Covering a song by Foster The People. I think she’s talented, her smile in the end is cute. Local talent, hello.

Every song in an acoustic version is better in my opinion, its more soulful.

Thanks for sending this in Mariam.

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October, 2011
Kuwait, web 12:02 AM

New: Kuwaiti Auction Website

Click on the pic for a bigger version.


iPhone Application

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August, 2011
fun 2:15 PM

Speak Kuwaiti, A Book

My friend, Yousef, keeps sends me all kinds of messy mess from all corners of the globe.

This time, however, he sent me something I found KOKO, still, useful.

Specially to those on TV shows. Wow, when they speak, music and all mythological muses come rushing to me, specifically this phrase:

“Dish bil 6oof” not 6oofa, mind you.

Love the second phrase !

I mean, anyone buying this should just let me know ok ? LAWWWD knows I need an improved audio experience.

Got a bit tired of hearing koko words and going ….


p.s: Read the last phrase where they translate how to say “This is too big” – “Hazzaa wayeid Kabeer”


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July, 2011
interview 11:56 AM

Abdullah Interviews Hanan Jaber

“Hello ? Can I please speak to you ?”

Thats how I approached her, just like that.

I remember I was at the avenues mall presenting a product to the masses here and there. Was really occupied with a lot of things to do, communicating, making sure everything is there, auto smile and every other thing expected to guarantee a successful event.

The day before, I was flipping through favorite clips of mine on youtube. Was going back and forth, laughing hysterically on some of the scenes I came across.

It was some clips from Hanan’s “Jaad oo li3ib” I kept saying “how did she keep a straight face ?” throwing all those remarks, without a script, without anything in hand, just out there, spontaneously. Not to mention correcting vocabulary, accents and the guts to be just bold with an in your face attitude dealing with all those people. Those very interesting people *ahem*

Call it the secret, call it a mystery, call it whatever you want – whenever I am in a state of joy and talk or discuss a topic, traces of it appear the a few days later or the person shows up. Thats exactly what happened with Hanan.

I recall her being extremely polite, down to earth and very friendly in the most loving way imaginable. Not to mention how gorgeous and outstandingly stunning her presence was.

I was showing her the product, explaining stuff, till she went “So wait a minute, you are p0ach and you work in this bank ? how come ?” HAH! I felt I was participating in one of her episodes. We discussed stuff and I immediately told her how big of a fan I was, kept throwing scenes I liked from the show that even she does not recall.

**Hold everything** Do you know she is only 19 ? and will celebrate her 20th birthday nearly 7 days from now, 6th of August. **Okay, resume**

Say what you want, to me, Ramadan will always be the month of love and joy. I could not care less about over produced materials that bring forth nothing but drama, conflict, unrealistic situations, slaps, violence, fake so-called realities, unimaginable vocabulary and manners that are below low.

Hanan’s show and “Saaher AlLail” were productions that I had to see everyday last year. Her bit was nothing but laughter, innocence, random thoughts and an escape from everything else that was on TV. Thats how I honestly feel. I was smiling and enjoying the show from beginning to end, minus the ads.

I urged her to have something this season but she told me she was full with school. Bummer right ? but then again, I’m happy for her, you’ll know why in the interview. Plus, I wish TV networks would adopt her to be something great, real and original for the future. I really do.

Enough of me and what I think, get to know p0ach’s guest even more, you’ll be surprised !

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