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August, 2010
Culture, Tech, Travel 12:04 AM

UK Pedestrian Traffic

I loved these new pedestrian traffic gems I saw in the UK for selected highly crowded streets like Regent.

This baby flashes a screen with the remaining seconds left till you can cross over.

I loved how everyone was looking at it as if it were their rush hour savior, HAH!

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May, 2010
Art 12:03 AM

ART: Graffiti Fans, VOTE !


As part of their Youth Program, AlWatan Daily has started their first competition, promoting the ridiculously overlooked and looked down upon art of Graffiti.


23 teams competed at Soug Sharq for an hour and a half, where they got to spray paint their creations.

The second round (This coming Friday) will have the top 10 teams competing yet again to secure their place in the final round. The final round will have the top 5 teams going head to head for one last time to finally reveal the Top 3 winning teams.

Scores will be determined by judges (30%) and SMS votes (70%)

Below you can check out the teams fine art work, and cast your votes by sending the number of the piece you like the most to these numbers:



My favorite however is this:

Zain: 90900

Viva: 55032

Wataniya: 1405

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
Motivation 12:06 AM

Homemade Strawberry Jam Sunday Morning Post

Ahhh the good life, thursday morning I woke up to some homemade swiss strawberry jam, all I could think of was heaven.

I loved the jar, wrapping, glass, the whole nine yards, unfortunately we sent it to a relative’s home, I couldent snap a pic.

Toast, butter, jam and I advice you to cover your ears, I’v been doing all kinds of OHH AHH while eating.

Been preparing some major proposals, recommendations and online studies and LAWWD knows I deserve some of that Swiss goodness.

Clear your mind, let go of drama, embrace the NOW and work like a raise is waiting for you. *ahem* i just got mine, *snap*

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
December, 2009
interview 2:59 AM

Abdullah Interviews Fahad Al-Sabah


Hey you guys, its been a while with the interviews and all that mess but I guess you know we’v all been tied up to vacations, Eid, projects and me personally, my surgery, so im just letting you know that this segment is back again, YAYYYE !

I’v been trying to drag him, Fahad, in here till I threw some of my black magic on his face, HAH! By black magic, I mean my devilish smile.

Seriously though, in my life, I have passed by many people that I call/used to call, friends. In all friendships, you pass by ups, downs and plain stupidity. Then, GOD takes away the pain, heals your heart, gives you hope and gives you Fahad. He is a gift from the almighty to me. I wont get into details, yet, aside from his undeniable sincerity, honesty and acceptance we share music, video games, wit, insanity, black culture, soulfulness and love to give back to the community.

Thats where the interview comes in, Fahad participated in creating a new club called JAM. I wont be talking about it, i’ll let the interview lead you to it with a VIDEO in the end.

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June, 2009
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Jam Of The Day: Amerie. One Thing

YouTube Preview Image

I do not have the ability to stop listening to this track. FAYAH !

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April, 2009
Music 12:01 AM

New Jam: Dondria – Weight Of My Tears

YouTube Preview Image

No video yet.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together