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September, 2009
Music 12:01 AM

Enjoy The Weekend !

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I give you the very best, Beyonce does Deja Vu Live, the best performer in history, after the Jacksons !

Enjoy the live music, vocals, choreography and energy, oh and i can see you flipping your hair on top of your office desk in the middle of the song ! GO ON GIRL !

hope this stays with you till the end of the weekend !


*watch it till nealry 2 minutes,  50 secs, the rest is just musicals with-out her.

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June, 2009
People 12:08 AM

100 Most Creative People in Business

Jonathan Ive

Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Apple

Ten years ago, before the iPod and the iPhone became objects of the world’s electro-lust, Jonathan Ive sat down to talk about his first Apple blockbuster, the iMac. The machine could not have been a more radical departure from the ubiquitous beige-box PC: a desktop computer in bright candy colors with a see-through shell showing its inner machinery. Bursting onto the scene with all the subtlety of a streaker, the iMac became the top-selling computer in the United States.

He is placed in the #1 spot.

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