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March, 2010
Personal 2:18 PM

HAWT Random Mess

Im off to dubai on an undercover bizbiz trip, its not so undercover now is it ? HAH!

Anyway, if there’s a place I should not miss out aside from the usual suspects, let me know.


Look out for the HAWT & ZEXY interview, midnight, SHARP !

Ladies: Keep your first AID kit close by. Faint/ing probability is *cough* HIGH *cough* .

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February, 2010
interview 12:18 AM

Khaleejesque chose p0ach

The 1,000,000+ readers blog, Khaleejesque, chose p0ach as one of Kuwait’s most inspiring people in their “25-26 Kuwait liberation” special edition.

We Sat down (tarab3ana) with the kind people over there and made a nice lil interview with them.

Could not be any happier. Honored and thrilled actually.

Read it here.

Thank you Fouz Al-Sabah for the interview.
Thank you Faisal Al-Essa for the photo-shoot session taken of me, your “chalet” made studio, wardrobe and styling. Lord knows I suck in these departments. HAH!

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Extreme Sports
February, 2010
Personal 12:03 AM

Abdullah’s Quote On Student Talk

I saw this on Frankom’s website, and I thought this guy p0ach, Dino, wonder boy, abdullah or whatever his name is kinda fun LOL, Frankom has the full interview, but I took out this quote only, check it out fully there or in Student Talk.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulwahab Al-Faris

I am extremely happy and delighted with today’s big shining star that graces p0ach’s front page.

There is nothing more elegant/breathtaking/royal than being a horseman, a horse’s friend a loyal companion and, why not, a fierce competitor with a vision to empower the country’s youth.

Aside from his local and international success, he is very easy and flexible to deal with and I loved how easy going he went with the whole interview flow. I must confess that I share the same interest in horse riding, never rode one though, so you owe me a free lesson Wahab, yes ?

Get to know a local talent that will definitely inspire you.

Ladies, *ahem* he might sweep you off your feet, *gasp* and click away!

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January, 2010
interview 3:00 PM

Abdullah Interviews Shamlan Al-Bahar

Friday is an overall blessing for us all. This friday has an extra blessing/feel to it, one of the society’s sweethearts is gracing the front page of

I met him back in 2007 when we were in an Injaz volunteer program, we met for a very short period, we didnt talk much cuz we were in a meeting and everyone was throwing down what they have in mind into the table, yet, I knew he was a very kind and smart person. Oh and *cough* back off *cough* this one is married *cough* yes ? *snap*

You’v all seen him in each and every news article associated to only the best events and causes out there. Its really simple, you do the math, with over nine years experience in business, five of which in marketing communications, Shamlan is a marketing professional with a solid 360-degree all around marketing experience covering corporate communications, sales-tasked and brand marketing, consumer public relations, alternative and social marketing, and sell-side and buy-side media sales.

What are we talking about ? a genius, a humble genius I may add.

Let me pave way for the interview.

Click away
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January, 2010
interview 1:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ali Cha’aban

I wont be talking much about Ali in my introductory lines, you’v already bommarded me with all kind of mess all because of this post here.

Now, I know you ladies are out with a vengeance towards this “some call it noise” event, your emails were insane as if I was his sponsor here in Kuwait *SNAP and double Snap* oh and another *snap* for the kids, yeah i know you’ll be there too. So just sit back, relax and try to enjoy the interview.

Oh and since the event will take place on January 13-15 on the land across the Souq Shark on the gulf road; it’s a street art theme so the place serves a righteous atmosphere, I thought of letting you know the guy a bit better before you guys meet.

Anyway, as usual, enough of me blabbering, lemme just hit you with my guest.

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December, 2009
class 12:01 AM

Class: She Called You A What ?

YouTube Preview Image

The WHOLE classy conversation starts at 1 min, 10 secs, OH HELL NAWW !!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together