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September, 2010
fashion 10:07 PM

52 Degrees On Taw El Lail

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Missed it ? well you know we got you covered, WATCH !

Part 2 & Part 3

OFFICIAL WEBSITE // has the latest scoop on everything you may need to know bout 52 Degrees.

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August, 2010
interview 1:13 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mohammed Al-Dhubaib

Interviews are back, had a nice break from hosting’em since you lovelies been out and about on vacation galore.

Back in january 2010, Mohammed Al-Dhubaib & his cousin invited me to sink my teeth in their sicilian cuisine creation, Melenzane. I did, I reviewed it and the crowd went WAW.

However, due to construction delays surrounding the restaurant, all they could offer was a low key, call before you come, welcome. Trust that the owners wanted everyone to rush in, have a great time and just enjoy the atmosphere that screamed “escapism”.

I’v always seen Mohammed socializing with people I knew from time to time, never had the chance to properly introduce myself. When we met, all it took was 10 minutes, then I felt home. Like I knew the guy from ages. Very open, sincere, down to earth, grounded, super polite and very very funny yet attentive.

I remember while we were sitting, I grabbed Mohammed on the side and I slowly said “so how did all of this come together ?” I was referring to the whole project. He gave me the proud father face and said ” You really wana know ? really ? Its a long story, I don’t want to bore you” I said, shoot, but gimme some sweet sweet dessert and coffee coffee so I can fo focus with you. I was still in a daze after all the eye pleasing, stomach feeding, heart warming servings of excellence we got.

As he was telling the story, I was in shock. The idea of quitting your job, keeping a secret from your family for the longest time, not having a steady income, living in fear, ignoring everyone and everything because you believe in a dream that you may or may not create is beyond what anyone can bare. I was in shock and you, dear readers, wont understand why until you read about it below. I don’t want to spoil the fun but i’ll say this as a direct message to Mohammed :

“I am so proud of you, your story is full of courage, commitment and clarity, you did what most men claim they can but didn’t – keep your head high, you have my full support, love and appreciation.”

Lots of things were said, I prefer you read them from Mohammed directly.

Click away !

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Extreme Sports
July, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Qanai

I love nay sayers, naysayers are a gift. They make you want to prove them wrong, work hard on yourself, create something new and blaze a new route to success.

I understand that many of you are very familiar with AYMSTRONG, a community that supports fitness and overall well being. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this community, starting with the meaning of the word AYMSTSTRONG, vision, goals and the master mind behind it all.

Today’s guest is Mr.Yousef Al-Qanai, CEO and founder of AYMSTRONG. I have not met the guy honestly, but we communicate over email a lot, he seems fun and down to earth yet focused and determined to achieve everything he puts his mind to.

There are many wonderful highlights in this interview, however, my personal favorite is how he went on to study a field that seems intangible to his parents, his culture and country all in all. Still, he made a success story out of this situation, created his own company, certified as a fitness expert from the ISSA, DWFitness and is now the youngest arab to ever join a Marathon Des Sables, which will be held in 2011.

Also, Yousef was kind enough to share his success story, his before and after transformation pictures, lots of deep candid details that await you readers.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2010
class 12:05 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Jay/David/Conan would die after this.

Just incase you dont know who the guest is, watch these two videos to refresh your memory.

YouTube Preview Image

and the infamous song

YouTube Preview Image

Suad Al-Abdullah & Aisha Al-Marta make an appearance too.

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April, 2010
class 10:13 AM

Class: The Look

YouTube Preview Image

Rabab, Im not familiar with your music but your reaction is worth GOLD.

Hind wanted to call for help after her statement, examine her facial expression after what she said. Rabab, definitely gave her “Ohh if I could lay my hands on you, you little rat” look.

This video is flawless.

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April, 2010
interview 12:49 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdullah Al-Mudhaf

Friday is here again with its utmost blessings as always. That, along with a brand new interview from another highly talented Kuwaiti.

I’v always seen whats good in the country, talents wise. On p0ach, I have been blessed to have all kinds of genres to cover from local talents that represent what inspiration is. They represent light and the core of creativity. They are all kind enough to share their experience with us all.

Today’s guest is none other than the highly talented writer Mr.Abdullah Ghazi Al-Mudhaf. I have contacted him and he’s been nothing but a breeze of easiness to deal with. Extremely polite, down to earth with a wonderful spirit.

He has written many Arabic novels that were instant hits, grab mania, shelve shakers in most book stores including Virgin megastore. Since he’s rooted in the core of Kuwaiti society, its no wonder that he’ll tackle social issues mixed with novel magic, romantic escapism & reality slaps in his own point of view. His radio show does not hurt either on Marina FM.

Get to know my guest, show him love !

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March, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Fadalah

Friday is here again and you know the mic’s interview is on. Ofcourse and as ever, I am beyond thrilled and happy by the high request/demand of interviews from readers. Whats’s making me more excited though is the affirmative YES’s im getting from everybody I approached. Thank you for your trust and believe in me and for accepting the insanity of words/expressions/gestures I present with full comprehension that I mean to entertain and put a smile on your faces. I could not be any happier. Honestly.

Since we bring you nothing but the HAWT & ZAXY in town, todays’s guest is no stranger to that category of people. Mr.Yousef Al-Fadalah, he is 26 years young, *cough* single *cough* oriented by his distinctive origins, half Kuwait, half Scottish, he, is a young entrepreneur, studies and runs his own online business that has sprays and splashes of youth written all over it, Jersey Box. The name is self explanatory, whats underneath it is an original idea with a competitive edge.

I’v always said that eyes betray us by revealing how we feel or what our intentions are, with Yousef you can tell that he’s a man with a kind heart, specifically for children, plus he is one of the sweetest people I’v communicated with, very easy going and down to earth, im sure you’ll figure that out when you read on and know him a tad better.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together