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December, 2009

The Exhibition [i]

Alright all you lava heat makers out there, listen, you bombarded me with all kinds of mess asking me how the exhibition looks like, what kind of offers they have, etc etc, WELL, The lovely Hiba, was kind enough to send us a nice review of what they have for you.

Wear your zexy 80′s secretary glasses and read on below:

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September, 2009
AD 12:15 PM

p0ach’s NEW Sponsor: The Exhibition


The wonderful and talented young enterpenour, Miss Hiba, owner of “The Exhibition” is the latest DIAMOND sponsor for our spot.

Incase you didnt know/living under a rock, THE EXHIBITION is located Between Slider Station, Falafel Co and The Burger Hub.

What do they do ?

They offer you a rented spot to, yes you guessed it, exhibit your stuff/goods/merchandise/artwork, etc.

Whats Up ?

The place has been newly re-designed to fit your needs regarding space, location and convenience. Their website is under construction also with a new design, yet it has all the contact info you need.


The Exhibit


Scroll down with your mouse/cursor, glance at their AD and CLICK on it.

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