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October, 2012
Food, Hamad 12:40 AM

Yum: Au Bon Pain


A post by Hamad.

The other day I heard a friend talking about a little French café located in Avenues complex so I thought I’d give it a try.

The place is called “Au Bon Pain” which means “the place of good bread”. I learned that the reason why it’s called that is because “Au Bon Pain” is famous with its freshly baked bagels.

So anyway I went there for lunch and started exploring the place and the atmosphere, it’s just a small café around the corner on the first floor in avenues complex, with comfortable couches and small tables, overall the place was rather cozy.

The menu included a variety of things, from smoothies to starters, main dishes and disserts, which all sounded so delicious.

I took a while deciding what to order but at the end I choose the Goat cheese salad, the Arizona chicken sandwich and a strawberry smoothie.

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October, 2012

Review: Men Time Spa

Yesterday I went to get a massage at MENTIME, one of Kuwait’s Best Traditional Spas. The thing that makes MENTIME so much more different is that they really focus on the Holistic side of their rituals.

As I headed up to the last floor in Al Mohalab Mall I was kindly greeted by the man sitting at the reception. I had booked a Balinese Massage and was ready to un-wind after a long and stressful day. I sat at the reception area admiring the ambiance that the space had provided while I quietly sipped on my green tea. The atmosphere slowly started getting me into a Relaxing and Calm mood, preparing me for an hour of Bliss.

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
News 10:32 AM

Karma Never Fails

“ارفع راسك فووق يا حمد ـ كل اهل الكويت معاك”

With GOD’s grace, you are untochable.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2010
interview 9:21 PM

Abdullah Interviews Hamad Al-Zemami

I love books, I love to read and I definitely would LOVE to meet the authors of my favorite books. Its always special to get to sit down with an author, hear his take on something you interpreted from his own words. Its fascinating actually and a very rare experience. To me at least.

Im very pleased to have the kind and talented author Mr.Hamad AlZemami as a guest on

His latest effort, Tarateel, shot to #1 on local charts, critics fell in love with it and sales went pretty well.

This single, 25 years young author, Mr.Hamad was kind enough to share lots of insights into his personal, future perspectives, success story and his philosophy in life.

Try and get to know him yourselves a bit better.

Meet Hamad

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November, 2010
interview 3:34 PM

Abdullah Interviews Hamad Al-Ali

52 Degrees took kuwait by storm. Lots of exposure versus lots of mystery. Thats how I saw it.

Im fortunate enough to have friends from every field imaginable in the country. Thats how I am able to bring you lots of dishes that are interesting, fresh and somewhat amusing.

Today’s guest is Mr.Hamad Sami Al-Ali, a single local sweetheart, has energy for days, in a jolly good mood almost always with the biggest smile imaginable. That does not strip away his serious, career focsued persona. As you’ll explore below, he’s been working since he was 18 years young till date, professional resumé has most major big players in the business including NBK and ZAIN.

52 Desrees is his latest project. He’s been kind enough to let me into his personal and professional state of mind and so you know what I’d do next right ? leak it to you, HAH!

Seriously though, for those who still did not get 52 Degrees, the concept, idea and overall vision behind it clean and clear, this is your chance to know what its all about, ask questions and share your thoughts.

Hamad is one of the men working behind the scenes in this brand new establishment. Get to know him a bit more.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together