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November, 2012
Entertainment 9:57 AM


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October, 2011
Event 12:04 AM

Halloween: Thriller

Nothing fits halloween more than MJ’s Thriller. Nothing.

I dont do Halloween, for those who did, please tell me you had MJ in there somewhere.

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Extreme Sports
October, 2010
Event 2:26 AM

Happy *Early* Halloween


1958 – 2009


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October, 2009
Culture 12:04 AM

Halloween Costumes

Ok so I heard/understand that some of yall are running/preparing for this season’s halloween ? Yes ?

look, no judgement here, thats the rule. A snap for the kids maybe ? *SNAP* !!

Boys, please stick to being boys. It might be funny for you to pull Lady gaga but then again, can you ?

Girls, stay away from Michael. Seriously, stay away from him. Ladies, no more MAID, ghetra & 3gaal oh and the classic, CAVEWOMAN look, boys are already on the edge if you know what im saying, HAH!, we dont want to see no kidnapping, hysteria or the inevitable hair grabbing in the streets, something like this:

Oh and speaking of michael, there is an MJ “wana be” I saw @ the gym I used to hit. The guy would wait for everybody to get in class, then turns his iPOD on. I can sense the presence of alines coming closer and closer to abduct him and all of us since we’re in the same room. He would literally dance/imitate him. I, being an MJ fan since the day my eyes opened up, know for a fact that if Michael saw him, he would be paralyzed/or better yet, Michael would use the gun in moonwalker to slam that “thing” into the wall. One more option, maybe he would , ohh no no thats too nasty.

ABTOOL, sent you an email, check it out.

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