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September, 2012
Travel 12:05 AM

Mykonos Sunday Morning Post

Its always a life style. When you think of going to a certain destination for a vacation you go ” ok ? so what are we gonna do there ?”

Very happy to report that I had loads of fun – alot to learn – new friends and adventures.

First of all, a big thank you to my friends. You see, I happen to be a day person – I like to wake up early, go to the city, breakfast/coffee/shorts/messy hair/big smile and shades on. Two types of friends – Day People/Night people. I stay with my night  friends till dinner, in Mykonos that would mean 1,00-2,30 am, its an island, thats how they roll. I finish dinner, then walk alone back to the hotel. All I could think of while walking was “wow, how peaceful is this place ? isint it amazing ? – you see flowers all over the streets, everything is simple, beautiful bright stars, the weather is cool, actually it was so cool, you could throw a little jacket on your shoulders – then comes the little cats by the alley.

Had small conversations with random Kuwaiti couples along the way, some had kids – some were in the “just the two of us” phase, really loved their energy. Also, I think I freaked another kuwaiti couple in a dark alley, I saw them – as cute as they can possibly be – trying to take pictures of themselves individually – I thought “hmmm, why dont I voulnteer and take a pic of them both together ?” I did, but I guess I scared them a bit – too dark to be nice I guess. HAH!

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July, 2012
Travel 12:01 AM

Trip to Sharm AlShaikh

Couple of weeks ago – went with friends & “believe it or not” this is the first time I ever hit Sharm.

Loved it a lot – enjoyed the hotel we stayed in “Novotel” – keep your expectations low so you won’t be surprised by the details that are less than beautiful.

The highlight was the day we hired a whole yacht with its crew – that would be a captain, chef *not really*, diver *underwater guide*, camera man “still and video” and one extra – in egypt there are always extras – its a crowded place – people are somehow always on top of each other due to population maybe ? Not a concern really – had fun for sure.

The sea was a field of beautiful energy flowing on us – everything I saw/experienced was exactly as friends have explained – clear waters, rainbow colored sea creatures, beautiful marines while being surrounded by islands or mountains.

Just beautiful.

Have a look:

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Extreme Sports
June, 2012
Friends, Personal 12:04 AM

p0ach Visits Tamra’s House

Yes I did !

Those following @p0ach’s account on twitter know how much I refer back to Tamra.

Who is Tamra ? What does Tamra do ? Why is Tamra being mentioned here ? Long story really.

To be clear, I seemed Tamra’s help in a mini project I’m working on and look !

Tamra is generous with gifts – we can not thank THEE enough.

More details to follow this mini story board soon.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2012
Art, Friends 11:46 PM

2 things I like

Random Random as always, a friend of mine bought me this cute little note book from the UK. Claims that its colors are reflected here on the blog. Its always those small things/gestures that make us smile. THANKS !

Speaking of gestures, look at this !

An underground artist in K-town made this sketch of myself, him “Mohammed AlMuhanna” and Bawiii (saba). You’ll be seeing lots of him here on the blog and I’m hoping he agrees for an interview spot.

His work is amazing and is based on mood swings, lord knows these swings or hours of unconsciousness bring out the best of us.

Thought i’d share these two things with you guys.

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May, 2012
Personal, Spiritual 12:05 AM

Signing Books: A New Earth

A few weeks back, I had an image of myself signing books to beloved colleagues at work. Wanted to share with them the knowledge that was/is and continues to bestow upon my being. I imagined writing a personal message to each and everyone I cared about and knew that they’d read this.

Never had the chance to make that a reality until now.

You see, I was looking for a book by an author who brings peace and loads of awareness. Found out that the ministry had his books on the X list.

Really. This is so funny for me to deal with.

Something in me goes “Sigh” another “Come on, really?”.

Because Eckhart taught to take the moment as it is, a decision arose within and whispered “Ditch the country, get it from Dubai”.

Amazing is it not ? I travel now to get books.

Wont discuss the state of illiteracy and lack in houses of knowledge.

Then again, I could have asked friends to get it on their iPads, just like I do. I felt it was inconvenient so I decided not to entertain that thought.

This book – A New Earth, is the reason why exists. Why I smile all the time. Why I never look my age. Why I always always always get more than what I want. Why I pray in peace. Why and how I feel the stillness of the almighty.

Might be rambling a bit but I don’t really care.

I enjoy the care free state of mind I know I’m blessed with.

With every living element in me, I wish everyone could read the book. I genuinely do.

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January, 2012
Entertainment 12:06 AM

Reunited for a cause

Only in hollywood.

Separated and soon to be divorced – Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony – wise enough to stick together, promote a show and make some money.


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January, 2012
Uncategorized 10:19 PM

New Year’s Eve. #unforgettable #NoFilters #Friends #Bay #Yacht (Taken with instagram)

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together