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September, 2012
Music 12:02 AM

New Music: The Girls

Seems we have a wealth of new tracks to share with you guys – some are insanely hot and some are reaching new grounds as breakout stars, Here we go !

Christina Aguilera – Your Body

Rihanna – Diamonds

Azealia Banks – Esta Noche

Ciara – Sorry

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September, 2012
Auto 9:42 PM

Fresh: New Range Rover Hits Paris

IM DIE+ing here, Azealia girl where you at ?

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Extreme Sports
September, 2012
Motivation, Personal 12:04 AM

Full Breakfast Sunday Morning Post

“I cant believe tomorrow is sunday, its just too fast, GRRRRRR, I hate sundays”, thats what a friend of mine threw at me the other day. I always keep a silent mode in situations of that sort, but then it hit me.If you don’t like Sundays/work then clearly you have an issue with what you do. Obviously you dislike what you do. Like a kid in school who had no option but to go to school.

As adults, we have a choice but some of us act like kids, scared to take action. I’ll take it a notch further and say that some people have very long tongues, sharp as knives, cruel like winter nights and sneakier than a cobra, but when it comes to action, they remind me of a scene from Animal Planet, where Hyenas(people) try eat something(opportunities) caught by a lion(life). Whenevr they try to come close, one look from the lion and they’r all far far away due to fear and cowardly behavior.

Its ok to complain once, twice, thrice – but playing that record for years and do nothing is not. Try something new, try other solutions, try to talk to different people, just TRY/Move/Take Action.

Had to throw these lines in there.

Now the good stuff:

Treating myself to a grand Paleo diet breakfast – its a way of welcoming myself into that lifestyle’s hall of fame. Super excited to get my projects out, get things done, learn new staff, discuss interesting things – im a bit dizzy as Im typing but I know it’ll be a kick a$$ week with loads of fun.

Be around people who produce stuff, inspire you, give you honest criticism – if it doesn’t feel right in your gut, let that thing go. TRUST ME.

Oh and in case you didnt know .. ahem .. im happy to announce that now speaks Arabic too, dont believe me ? READ THIS:

أهلاً و مرحباً بكم – بوچ يتكلم العربية !ـ

Not only that, we’ll have contributors too, so far we have a girl and a dude who’ll participate here on p0ach starting from next week.

If you like, you can contribute too.

You can write a post, share a thought, a picture and submit your name and email in the contacts section to get credit for your submission.

We cool ? we like this ? – Alright then.


Hope this splashes a bit of water into your senses – Maybe awakens you from within to appreciate or change the situation you are in, whatever that is.

I leave you with loads of love, positive energy and wishes for a great week ahead !


Smile, you are alive today.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2012
fashion 1:36 PM

Ladies, get over here: Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin has recruited photographer Peter Lippmann to shoot this magical campaign for the brand’s lookbook for Autumn 2012. The latest creations of the much-loved shoe designer were scaled to larger-than-life proportions and are featured alongside historical Parisian settings such as the Notre Dame, the Place de la Concorde and the Pont Des Arts.







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September, 2012
Music 8:50 PM


This is so Addictive.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the trumpet !

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September, 2012
Auto 12:38 AM

Fresh: Official Reveal Range Rover 2013


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September, 2012
Auto 2:52 PM



Wait wait, lemme just ,,

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together