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September, 2011
Auto 2:00 AM

HAWT: 2012 Maserati Kubang

Fresh from Frankfurt Auto Motor show.


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June, 2010
Travel 12:01 AM

Europa p0ach is Coming For A Visit

Alright you guys, my vacation starts today, my long, highly anticipated, much needed, get off of me, keep your mouth shut, no more deadlines, projects, head bangin, scream and holler, may I leave, money making, boss begging, clients rushing, smile giving mess of a vacation is here.


Not to ruin all the fun, I’ll be all around europe, exploring places I haven’t been to before and of course will keep you guys updated/entertained for sure.

hopefully, I’ll have some time to sit and reflect on lottsa of mess that were under-appreciated from my side.

Fingers crossed/Wish me luck

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Extreme Sports
September, 2009
Personal 12:05 AM

Airplane/Little Girl

My flight was excellent all the way from Kuwait to Frankfurt.

We had to take another flight to our next destination. Some Locals were with us. A little girl was singing “Crazy in love” in her head for me, she’s just 9.

So here is how it went:

Her: iseer ag3ad yamik ?

Me: Halla, ee gi3day, ya7lilaich min binta intay ?

silence for 2 minutes.

Her: Abee a7ibik.

Me: eehehe, ok yalla 7ibini. / she kissed me. Twice.

Her: /Whispering/ bagolik qissa.

Me: ee Golay baba.

Her: ana o ome o oboy yayeen 3ala i7sab il 7okoma. tadree ?? oo oboy feeh infulenza al khanazeer. Tadree ?

ONLY THEN, I rememberd seeing a guy wearing a mask with his family. so I asked her, was he wearing a mask ? she said yes. Besides that, all kinds of messy thoughts jumped into my brain LOL.

Her lovely daddy came without his mask this time, to pick her up.

He said: ga3datay yama ?? – okhoy tara athatna feek, itgol inik tishbah okhooHa il ikbeer, wildee ahmad.

Me: La basee6a 3amee, oo bintkom wineesa, ikhaleeha likom inshalla.


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August, 2009
Auto 1:27 AM

Boys, Jump in: BMW

YouTube Preview Image

At its core, the Vision EfficientDynamics concept is a sportscar in the BMW vein, with promised M-car performance levels. It’s the drivetrains that are the shockers: this particular vision sees a future BMW sportscar sporting a three-cylinder diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain. It’s a tour de force–at least in concept, since no automaker has yet produced a diesel hybrid, or a mass-market plug-in hybrid, not to mention a combination of the two.

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July, 2009
Auto 12:01 AM

BMW’s X1

You’ll have to wait until September’s Frankfurt Motor Show for the official launch of BMW’s new 2010 X1 crossover SUV.

Its, umm, interesting, no ?

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